Mindfulness Writing

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Recently the media pages are full of mindfulness writing. The articles and studies are presenting ways of writing for health and to bring us back to the here and now.  Today I have read about Morning Pages, a technique to writing freely about whatever comes to mind. Through this exercise a pattern or recognised structure will develop. Including thoughts, feelings, a to-do list and maybe more. Mindfulness, a state of seeing and being in the current moment seems like to new wave of therapy sweeping through our doors to remind us to take a minute and appreciate what we have. A way of recognising the here and now and filtering out the stresses and worries of what has not yet come to pass.

In my reading the memoirs of Vera Brittain she too documents her mindful writings. As she describes the chaos of atmosphere in her home town and the instant change in all their futures she takes a day in her diary to notice the expanse green lawns, goldness of the trees in autumn, the brown fallen leaves, the clear brightness of the sky. Amongst the stark reality of her life confronted with War she has come out of the newspaper reports on Germany advancing, or her Brother enlisting, or her Father’s worries on finance and looked about her and noticed the present moment.

Mindfulness is therefore no more a new enlightened practice of the modern age to deal with stress and our anxieties but an analogy to diary writing that was once a daily routine for many. Have we just forgotten how to write a daily diary?

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