Attitude to Gratitude

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Last month was World Gratitude Day a celebration day I had not heard of until recently. The story goes that in 1965 a group of people at Thanksgiving decided to call this date, 21st September, Gratitude Day. Every year since the day has been celebrated and has been sweeping the world over as a healing phenomenon for good attitude for the giver and receiver of good cheer.

I heard about this celebration from an inspirational speaker. He spoke of a good attitude and good manners. When we were children our mother would say “what do you say?” if someone made a kind gesture and as a child we would response “thank you”. This is a simple pleasure for the giver and the receiver of the good will.

Now as adults we do not receive a reminder of our attitude, to say thank you, and it is with this simple awareness that we can show our gratitude. The writers at webpages claim that developing an attitude of gratitude is a healing power. We must strive to maintain this when surrounded by indifference and ingratitude. They even suggest that by keeping a Gratitude Journal we all become more thankful and positive about the lives we lead and increasingly recognise the richness of our blessings that we may have not seen so clearly before.

My inspiring speaker called this an attitude to gratitude that leads to beatitudes.

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