Opportunity Knocks

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Why do opportunities come in two or threes? I have often wonder why this is. For what seems like a very long time nothing changes, nothing is new. We wish for something to change something new like a new job, a companion, a new friend, a social activity, money making ideas, to come to fruition. Then with no telling of how or why opportunities come knocking.

Karma tells us that we receive what we put out into the world, or we emulate what we have become. Our good fortunes come back to us as a reward for our own good deeds.

Personally I like the story of the man who passes by the statue of his favourite Saint everyday on his way to work. He is downtrodden and disheartened at the day ahead. Each morning he stops and looks up at the statue and says “please let me win the lottery, let me have an end to this job, this life, please let me win to receive a better life”.

Years pass and still the man pleads to the statue, “please let me win the lottery this time let me win”. Then one morning after the man has pleaded yet another day, the statue comes to life and looks down at the man and says,

“Buy a Ticket!”

Whenever I hear this story I laugh and say yes, I get it. But did I! No not until recently, I didn’t truly get the story. Taking the first step, yes I understand that bit. But taking the risk and pushing yourself forward to change is not like “buying a ticket”. It is so much more courageous and challenging. The reference to the Sainty statue rather than any other figure is that the message is this, to change, to take that first step that only you can do, alone, with fear and with unpredictable outcomes, is a leap of faith.

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