Student Days in Leeds

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I’m delving back to the thoughts of Vera Britton once again. She quotes a passage from a book she is reading by Olive Schreiner, The Story of an African Farm;

There is an hour which blots out wisdom and is sweet with sweetness of life. It is worth having lived a whole life for that hour”.

She is reflecting on one touching, moving experience with the ups and downs both “bitter and sweet”. I consider that there is not one but many of these experiences that chase the heart, overwhelm the breath and make a million smiles into one with just a touch of the memory.

My first reminiscence of the kind of life experience was as a student nurse in the big city for the first time. For me it was a time to meet like-minded people, the bizarre and spectacular from the circus of life.

Here are a few words that remind me of this time;

Student days
Leaving home
Opportunities abundant

New friends
Making plans
Nothing was redundant

Great style
Grungy looks
501 ripped jeans

Gig Bands
Poly Bar
Music and pub scenes

Style muse
D M shoes
Favourite old suede jacket

Best Friend
Arches Wharf
Trinkets a small packet

Scent oil
Fairy jewels
Metal candelabra

New try
Culture art
Sample the grand opera

Night chats
Nurses home
Whilst the sun light dimming

Train pass
Abbey tracks
Listen to Night Swimming

(Image from Google images)

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