I have a plot a section number
I’m searching amongst the stones
I have no familiar signs to seek
Only a note with marked zones

I trudge through the grassy lines
Stone with ornamental structure
Sighting names and dates engraved
On tombs, granite and sculpture

Hand clenching blossoms to surrender
I brought them to lay at your stone
Their stalks weeping under tissuepaper
This is where I thought was your home.

I pass by time and time again
My heart fallen, I stop I cried
I dread I fail I’ll leave in mourning
Please guide me to your side

I turn again a different direction
I feel, I dread most solemnly
That you have no tomb no stone
No name on your plot no masonry

I stand here now looking around
Searching the paths in vain
This paper note is of no lending
The place I’m searching has no name

Too many years already passed
I’ve missed you again on my way
A description of your life remains
A name on a chart you will stay

One name stands out as I pass by
One grave I keep passing and seeing
You’re not the one I’m trying to find
You’re not the one I’ve been seeking

I see you have no one stopping here
No visits no treasures on the ground
So here I leave my fist full of blossoms
To decorate your grave mound

All I ask is that one day
If any loved ones see my name
They in return with good grace
Will give some thought and do the same

2 thoughts on “Traces

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