Fallen Leaves

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In autumn days I am reminded that I love my garden. I remember the summer blossoms that once bristled up to the sun. All vibrant with colours of pinks to blues. Seeing the yield of the pots I had tended.

The season has changed and the garden although tenuously flowered, the colours still remain. Today the grasses are in the path of the sun and there are hues of orange. The pots of cyclamens are still conquering the cold. The lawn is sprinkled with frost and a confused geranium has flowered once again.

Today the garden has reminded me that as the seasons change so does life itself. To empty the struggles of a difficult situation change must come. As must change upon the happy times as we would not know joy if challenges were not cultivated.


Fallen Leaves

A different time will come around
A new happiness will be found
Vibrant colours on the ground
Like the fallen leaves

Summer departed and gone away
Blossoms of colours left till May
Trees green to golden now stay
With the fallen leaves

Autumn is sent to remind us all
A new day will come so stand tall
Like the tree it does not recoil
See the fallen leaves

Connecting to natures beacons
Visualise the changing seasons
Nothing remains with no reasons
Hear the fallen leaves

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