Morning Frost


This weeks Writing Challenge was to write a Haiku Poem. A Japanese style of poetry traditionally about nature, with a rhythmical syllable pattern of 5 syllables the first line, 7 the second line and 5 the third line (5/7/5).
Here is my first attempt at a Haiku.

Morning Frost


Inert, morning frost
A quartz like crystal glisten
Optical prism

Water still, to ice
Mirror, glass, as solid state
And trapped as opaque

A pale rising mist
From ground to hazy midshift
Air gliding adrift

Sun rendering sky
Gold to pink diluted hue
Light ascending through

Dew, breaks the structure
Ice to translucent water
Molecules falter

morning frost

(Images from Google images)

6 thoughts on “Morning Frost

  1. First haiku? Wow, you start with a bang, very nice!

  2. I like it all, but especially that last part.

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