2014 New Beginnings, A Brand New You



She is small, she is shy
With the biggest blue eyes
She doesn’t yell or shout
Free and happy to play out

Quiet and thoughtful
If needed is forceful
A teen without rebel
Coming out of her shell

Young and making friends
Smiles and welcome extends
Self belief in College years
Riches in life, sharing with peers

Qualified with a job to do
Fear and worries to get through
All new situations to fit into
Anxious, unsure with no clue

Self assured now, of knowing
A position of expertise upholding
To a professional with respect
At a cost of personal neglect

As years pass, she can’t see
The young lady, come to be
Reverts back to shy small girl
Misses the glimmer of the pearl

Life’s low ebb comes calling
Cling on, fight without falling
See the value of  persistence
Strive on and go the distance

She learns great lessons
To trusting her perceptions
Poise to keep with self caring
To a nurtured place of dwelling

To a belief in herself
Faith, hope, natural wealth
What she wants really to be
Is a combination of all that, is me

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Pull Through

Give up, give in
You’ll never win
Stay in, sit back
You’ll always lack

Look down, keep low
Thoughts will not go
Heavy heart will stay
You feel dismay

Think sad and lost
A mighty cost
No words to say
Just a frozen day

Need of a pull
So all is less dull
Just a way though
One hope will do

See one chance
A dream, a dance
A glance, a gaze
Out of this phase


Weekly Writing Challenge: Valentine

It seemed appropriate for this Weekly Writing Challenge for me
to share a previous post for the theme of St. Valentine’s Day.
I posted this in December but it seems more relevant for the
February 14th.

Haiku – Flower


Hope is in a bud
A flower unfolds to love
Blossoms to dream of

The petals unroll
Like a story to be told
Like a fan unfolds

Elements display
Thought, and message to convey
That words can not say

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Days Gone By…………

The memory of a lady I once met has always stayed in my thoughts.  She had lived on her own in the remote farming countryside. She had never married and did not have any family. It was now time for her to enter into a care home. I sat with her at her bedside as she talked about her life, and wept.

What do I do
At the end of an age
Just one I loved
To one I was engaged

They say I can’t return
To my stone cottage ways
So where am I to live
Out the rest of my days

He left to go and fight
The love of my life
But then didn’t return
I was preparing to be his wife

Time lapses too fast
I didn’t look and see
Fate now means that this
All happens now to me

We had such plans
Then he did not live on
So I kept on going
I didn’t realise for how long

I have no choice
No thinking to do
Don’t let this happen
Happen also to you

I missed him daily
Dreaming of our day
The memories lasted
Feelings did not fade

I feel betrayed
My time has gone
I didn’t move forward
I should have lived on

I was so happy
With my own company
I didn’t see what was coming
What was coming to me

Now I must leave my home
My life, my thoughts divide
And move to a strange place
Alone, no one by my side

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Weekly Writing Challenge – 23rd December 1993

snow lamp

It wasn’t a problem we were left there together. Two young student nurses trapped in our large old fashioned stone museum of nurses’ past. Just two compared to the noise, the door slamming, music and TV of the usual 100 under one roof.

They all departed by parents’ cars, taxis and bus to return to their homes for the Christmas holidays. All an hours ride home from our Hospital. Just us two, that lived further than an hour’s travel were left. Our journey was the next day, but as we sat at the large window looking down we wondered what we would be doing on the 24rd December. We watched as the snow drifted down. The snowflakes turned to blankets of white cotton, as the ground was covered over in one drape. Everything that was once familiar, the paths to the roads, the rose beds along the driveways, the iron grates to the drains, all disappears to one perfect covering, like glistening white marble.

No entrance path or exit was visible as the tall mast of a street light blinkered and lit. Our home now an island and the two of us desolate within the darkened corridors above the white sea below. Tomorrow’s journey was far more thwart with chance. As the elements now determined our fate, we were at the will of the weather.

Our evening ahead did not fill us with trepidation and worry. Instead we settled on as many cushions and pillows as we could pile up.  We gathered our provisions from parcels delivered earlier that week, homemade Christmas cake, mince pies, Stolen, all sent from our Mother’s kitchens back home. We sat and watched the festive entertainment on TV, the Sinatra and Crosby specials and Carols from Harry Connick Jr. We slept as we were and come morning the paths had been cleared our calls to the main Hospital informed us trains were running and tracks and roads were set for departures. Together we made our first leg of the journey to the city train station. Said our goodbyes and went on our separate ways.

The train was cold, frozen even. Some ice around the window slowly thawed and pooled at my feet. I made it home for Christmas Eve as the day dimmed back to darkness. Our story of two left in the stone museum of our student residential home was not abandonment. To us it was an adventure, an experience to remember all 23rd of Decembers. Homemade cake, companionship and friendship everlasting. Sometimes an experience made through chance can be richer than the end journey itself. It reminds us that all is well, all will be well and that faith takes us to another day.

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It’s time I left
It’s time to go
There’s nothing but
Feelings of woe

Words are all said
It’s clear it’s through
I have no more
Trying won’t do

I take the signs
It’s plain to see
You want no more
No more of me

My only wrong
I cling too tight
I made a stand
For what was right

Time has passed
I don’t know why
I carry this with me
It just makes me sigh

I choose to live
Without the pain
I need to forgive you
To break the chain

Peace will come
Then we’ll be free
To pass on by
Feeling harmony

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