Loss of Balance



Finding Balance, I discovered the key
It jumped out, appeared to me
Blame and hurt, evoked some thought
That balance, needs to be taught

The loss of balance was so inflictive
Results in turmoil that is so indicative
Not just a force fired by one to me
But followers, wouldn’t let me be

The scales were tipped against my pride
Gross off footing on one side
One foot slide over to the floor
Unable to fight, I tried no more

I lacked ability to see my soul
Strength, and calm were my goal
I looked up balance and what I found
Was a place to start, on solid ground

My focus, my mantra, to seize some power
Quiet the chatterbox in the witching hour
I learnt to repose, focus myself
Seek my soul, look after my health

I laid down the trauma, pain and loathing
Let my mind create, go roaming
For nurturing, to be about me
Look for ways, to set all this free

I am glad to let the past be
It gives myself some harmony
In me is peace and nourishment
I can give love and encouragement

(Image from Google images)

15 thoughts on “Loss of Balance

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  13. I love your poem, so very genuinely real! It touches within, I think many of us have been there many times in our lives! God bless!

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