It’s time I left
It’s time to go
There’s nothing but
Feelings of woe

Words are all said
It’s clear it’s through
I have no more
Trying won’t do

I take the signs
It’s plain to see
You want no more
No more of me

My only wrong
I cling too tight
I made a stand
For what was right

Time has passed
I don’t know why
I carry this with me
It just makes me sigh

I choose to live
Without the pain
I need to forgive you
To break the chain

Peace will come
Then we’ll be free
To pass on by
Feeling harmony

(Images from Google images)

8 thoughts on “Forgiveness

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  4. Janice, I could feel the emotions in your words…beautifully written! You are talented! God bless!

  5. May your new year be spiritually prosperous, utterly refreshing and renewing, and so abundantly blessed…I look forward to the words you will share from within as the sun rises on this new year!. You have a gift, now let it go and heal many hearts and minds! God bless you my sister!

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