Days Gone By…………

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The memory of a lady I once met has always stayed in my thoughts.  She had lived on her own in the remote farming countryside. She had never married and did not have any family. It was now time for her to enter into a care home. I sat with her at her bedside as she talked about her life, and wept.

What do I do
At the end of an age
Just one I loved
To one I was engaged

They say I can’t return
To my stone cottage ways
So where am I to live
Out the rest of my days

He left to go and fight
The love of my life
But then didn’t return
I was preparing to be his wife

Time lapses too fast
I didn’t look and see
Fate now means that this
All happens now to me

We had such plans
Then he did not live on
So I kept on going
I didn’t realise for how long

I have no choice
No thinking to do
Don’t let this happen
Happen also to you

I missed him daily
Dreaming of our day
The memories lasted
Feelings did not fade

I feel betrayed
My time has gone
I didn’t move forward
I should have lived on

I was so happy
With my own company
I didn’t see what was coming
What was coming to me

Now I must leave my home
My life, my thoughts divide
And move to a strange place
Alone, no one by my side

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