Time Is A Path Moving Forward


Photograph by Janice @medicinalmeadows January 2014

Another day gone
As hours move on
Mirrored it may seem
Time depicts a dream

Reflecting in short
Stillness only thought
Deception in play
Moving, no delay

No step back further
Find no preserver
No caught dimension
No loop retention

The image now clear
A vision so dear
A new world contrives
And a change soon drives

May all this explain
Conceptual domain
Life ever proceeding
Wishes succeeding


Weekly Writing Challenge: Leave Your Shoes at the Door

Weekly Writing Challenge

The Other Perspective

Seeing perspective is hard
And unkind
We want to return, step back
And rewind

We think things worked as before
No chore
No stress, all smooth, no buckling
High score

So why do you scream and fight
With plight
We two are happy, you just one
Sit tight

Say unfair, then push and pull
No sway
That is the way it is, has been
No foul play

Now you’re leaving, you quit
Break away
You’ve created a problem
You’ve betrayed

Now we are left with it all
You’ve unspun
You exposed our misgivings
All undone

Considering things from a different point of view as been the hardest Weekly Writing
Challenges I have done.


Daily Prompt: Generation XYZ


Photograph by Janice @medicinalmeadows January 2014

Daily Prompt: Generation XYZ

What I have learnt from the generation older than me.

Cherish the small things
Simplicity life brings
The laugher that springs
Of spreading your wings

The smallest achievement
People’s love and endearment
Situations vehement
Be soothed let in easement

Give thanks and appreciate
Be true, correct, liberate
No need to affiliate
Live your dreams, initiate

Leave the line of confinement
Walk your true alignment
Make your own refinement
Seek your own enlightenment