Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

For this week’s photo challenge, show us abandoned. 

The coastline was clear with views to the wind turbines and the mountains in the distance.  As I walked back I began to notice traces of abandonment, a wrecked boat lodged in a gully that would surely be swept out to sea at a high tide. Then my eye caught a mussel shell left abandoned. The shell which would have protected the mussel from the jostling of the waves. The sun stayed high for most of the walk back and reminded me that abandonment is another one of natures lessons of courage to be had against the elements and challenges to overcome.




Weekly Writing Challenge: Threes

Weekly Writing Challenge – write a post using three photographs for inspiration

A walk through an old train tunnel leads out onto a hill overlooking the sea.  From the hill it is possible to see the mountains and the view along the coastline leads to old Pillboxes now sloping into the sea, the elements
now removing them from their watch posts.



pill boxes

These brick defences
Old and neglected
So crumbles the earth
Foundations defective

Service now rendered
Structures forgotten
And waves take over
As masonry is rotten

The elements now move
Buildings of the past
So time, sand and sea
Mean they will not last