Medicinal Media – Outdoor Photo Gallery



Over the last twelve months I have developed my love of photography. My appreciation started at the age of fifteen. My Dad gave me his old Pentax camera for a family holiday and I proceeded to snap my way through the week.

Last year I regained my ambitions to take more photos for therapeutic reasons. I feel I am mindful when walking with my camera. I forget the troubles and weekly worries and focus on what I see and the image I would like to take. I visualise the image first and then try to replicate this with the camera lens.

I also love to see other peopleโ€™s photos. Today I went along to see anย open air photo gallery . The images where beautiful and captivating. The theme for the exhibition was nature and wildlife from photographers around the UK. The 2020VISION photography project is a roadshow that is visiting many towns throughout the country this summer. The outdoor gallery reflects the aim of the project which is to encouraging people to engage with our beautiful landscapes and natural habitats. An added benefit is that the exhibitions are accessible to all as the galleries are in public spaces.


3 thoughts on “Medicinal Media – Outdoor Photo Gallery

  1. I love the way they are displayed and the building makes for a perfect backdrop ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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