Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic



This boat is called the Vita Nova, a former Belgian trawler that is anchored off the Cumbria coastline of Roa Island in the Irish Sea. The rusting old trawler has been in its homely position for many years, as long as I can remember, and recently it has had a fresh coat of paint, in bright yellow.

At times this boat has appeared abandoned and yet a staple piece of the seascape. It has always been at the edge of the causeway and if it were removed, I believe the locals would be disappointed that the structure no longer resides in view of the coastline.

I believe that such relics, constant structures, do breed security with the familiar. The word familiar or famil derives from the Latin meaning, close relationships.ย As some of our anchoredย viewpoints remain the same, they remind us of our connections. If relics of our towns, of our past were to disappear it would be like saying goodbye to a dear friend.



14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

  1. It is a reminder of the feeling of being at home huh? great photo ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Gorgeous interpretation! The colors are splendid too.

  3. Nice shot, Janice. I like the colors!

  4. Stunning shot, and very interesting accompanying text. I love that it was recently repainted – it looks like it hasn’t been out to sea in forever!

  5. Fascinating relic! I love your reflection on its importance.

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