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Card Readings

Welcome to my page for energy card readings. Here you are welcome to purchase a reading so bear with me and let’s follow the guidelines below;

I offer a 7 card reading, past, present and future cards, and sometimes there may be more dependent on my guidance and intuition. My method is to ask your spiritual team to open up to mine so I can give a supported reading. These readings are less predictive and more prescriptive so there is guidance below on how to formulate your question for the energies for your reading. I channel, and hear the guidance and see within the cards.

The payment you send to me is for my time to complete the reading, because let’s face it we all need payment for services of our timing we put out into the world from the heart. I joyfully and whole heartedly enter the task of an energetic reading for your greatest and highest good. I am not accountable for answers you find emotive or challenging so please know that they are sent with good intentions and well wishes. By requesting a reading you are submitting to me that you are over 18 years old, you understand and accept the terms of connection, you are responsible for the information received. You are agreeing that you are aware that this is by no means substitute or method in replacement of medical, emotional, legal advice, this is a spiritual reading and not advice. If you require the above please seek help from a reputable professional. This service is not held accountable for actions of individuals after the purchasing of a reading. All readings are confidential and not shared to a third party and I do not retain copies of the reading so please pen and paper or your phone to record at the time. I acknowledge by your request of a reading that you understand and accept this contract agreement, by which is agreement by payment for this energy exchange.

Now here is the fun stuff, I use a variety of card decks and I will list the decks used in your reading. I also use a variety of crystals, candles and music for my space during a reading. Any intuitively drawn crystals will be mentioned.