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Crystal Connections

Have you ever wondered if we pick crystals we are drawn to from memories? I mean past life times or cellular memories of time, location or country?

I am a firm believer that some crystals we are pulled towards or even away from are because of location. I am very much connected to sea locations and water elements so when Philip Permutt ( introduced me to Scheelite on a course I was in love straight away. I had an instant connection to the feel of the crystal, I felt right at home, you know how that can be, when you just feel attuned with the stone in the palm of your hand. I bought three. I instantly felt the location, like I was standing on the shores with the blue sea in front of me, I felt at peace and at home right there in that moment. I could envisage the location, feel the sea breeze on my face, it was refreshing, mindful, and familiar.
So how does this work says the Ego? Well it could be the minerals on the palm of our hands connect, or the Soul knows and excites emotions, feelings of safety, belonging and familiarity. And don’t get me wrong it may not be all refreshing and calm, I think this can also work the other way. I struggle with agate from some locations, amethyst from some continents and not from others, and you think an amethyst is just an amethyst is just the same amethyst, think again! If a cellular code or memory is in that rock, we are bound to feel the difference, the word “Bound” can have many connotations right?
So for me, crystals located near to the sea, I love them. Here I have Turkish Blue Scheelite calcite, aquatine calcite, and a Lemurian quartz. So what do you love? And just have a little meditation into what the location is of that “go to” crystal you Love!

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Our Lady

Many of my Mother Mary statues are the well-known image of Our Lady with hands downwards and gentle expression. How we have grown to know and love the image of the soft Mother aspect of Mary. In recent times we are uncovering the aspects of the lost gospels and the covered up iconography of a strong resilient Mary. Today in this world of challenging changes we find ourselves confused and looking for a consoling figure and at the same time a determined comforter that is in all honesty the kind of Mother we need right now.

In this time of homestead living I find the time to read more of Mary and the renewed relationships with books such as The Way of The Rose (Clark and Finn 2019. A delectable book for the modern Marian devotee and a new vision of Her role in Our World at present. I invite you to read this one!

So back to the image of my statues, I have more Mary’s than I thought! The curiosity now has me gripped as to the image we see in our minds eye of the Mother. The women of the cross and their roles and characters are certainly women of courage and strength and did we ever need a strong feminine to lead us by the hand, but now.

My curiosity is sparked by the iconography unearthed in the book Mary and the Early Christian Women (Kateusz 2019). In this book the early images of Mary are not the taught stature I have grown up with, that we all have been conditioned to recognise. In the early images Mary stands arms raised to the heavens (Image: Mary, Rome, Perret Catacombes). In the gospel of Bartholomew Mary says “Let us stand up in Prayer’ and the Apostles stood behind her” (p.26). This is strikingly different to the depictions we have seen time after time, circulating our imagination of the spiritual feminine over the ages. Here, hands raised, leading prayer is the Mother Mary. So when did our Mary statues change demeanour? When did our acceptance take us from the early iconography of the upstanding woman leading prayer with hands raised above her head to the hands below her waist? I am not at all critical as the imagery here is both significant. For me the strong woman of spirituality is Mary, hands raised or not, hands to the great earth beneath us or above to the heavens, both are significant and meaningful. I just wished to point out the early imagery and the change over time of Our Lady of both land and sky, sea and air, location and omnipresent.


Rabbula Gospels illumination of Mary. © Alinari Archives, Florence










Other Posts of Mary and Iconography include:


Clark and Finn (2019) The Way of the Rose: The radical path of the Divine Feminine hidden in the Rosary, Penguin Random House Publishing

Kateusz A (2019) Mary and Early Christian Women: Hidden Leadership, Palgrave MacMillan Press


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Dark Heart

Processed with Rookie


I am She of Love

In Dark of the Heart

I see you holding firm in the density

So Break, allow yourself to surrender

I am waiting above your Heart

When you open I will descend with You

Let your river run free

Into the deep crevice of your Being

I will meet you in the dark cave

Come, fall into my arms

I am waiting, Lovingly waiting for You

For I am the Love that Never dies


Chanelling of She by Janice Turner Salmon


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Reiki Golden Light Meditation

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Reiki Centring Meditation

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This is a gift of meditation infused with Distance Reiki. A half hour practice to bring your body and mind back to centre, back to Self.

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I am the Love that never dies
I am She who calls to you from whispers, sound, vibrations of the Heart.
I come in Dark and Light
In Strength and Fear
Do not fade at what comes before you
Do not bluster or storm
You are always in my Love
I am carrying your torch of Light
To guide a way for you to be open
Be present
Be in Teaching
Of the moment
Nothing evades you
Nothing withheld from you
As all love can be received
All thanks to Love
In openness
Of Divine Love
Be open
Be gracious
Of the Love that never dies

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Whispers of the Goddess


I am She of Sound
Whispering, calling You home
I am the perseverance
That guides You North again
I am within You
As You call Intuition, Guidance and Instinct
I am the voice of the Soul
The guiding lamp
In the dark days
And your comforter
When that day is through
I reside deep within You
It is a journey within
A testament
In all that comes
And passes along
The Path of Life
I am Here
I am She of a thousand loves
A thousand rises
A thousand falls
A thousand Mothers strong
A love that surmounts
All the rising Suns
And darkest Moons
I am She willing You onwards
I am Love
That only becomes stronger
Lasts ever longer



Words written by Janice Turner Salmon

Art image by Emily Balivet Goddess of Hope

From Whispers of the Goddess Within

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Womb Awakening

I am She of a thousand life times
I am She of the morning Sun to awaken You
I am She of the Dusk to hold You
I am She who loved You beyond the stars
Of days of old
In ancient landscapes
And ancient ways
I am She who awakens You from rest
I am She who Lights You up to Golden paths
And threads of Lightning strikes
I am She who is your Sun, your Star and the Primordial Moon
I am She who takes you to the rivers of pain
So you can drink in vast temperaments,
Diversity, upheavals and change in direction,
So onwards again in Life
I am She You can rest upon,
Dive into,
Dream among
I am She with the Sunlight on your hair
The warming rays and the rain
On showery days
I am She who takes You to the next steps
And hauls you over the fiery coals
And grasps at your breath
For more and more of You
Into Becoming You
I am She of Love of the Sound of You
Yet You can not Hear Yourself
I am within You
Beating in your Heart
And holding onto You
Holding You up
To the Glorious heights
That exists with You
I am She who is
Your rest, your Light
Your Sanctum
The core of All wisdom
The Light of All knowledge
Come into Me as I Am You
My Opening is Your Unfolding
Come, the Doors have opened wide

Words written by Janice Turner Salmon

From She Who Is

Art image by Emily Balivet

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Venus Beauty

I’m calling this Womb Wednesday, for the All as we All connect to the Universal Womb and the Mother’s Womb, whether we refer to the womb as our physical bowl, our emotional chalice, our dark womb, our shadow, the season of the winter womb or the Moon phase of the Dark Moon. This week Venus has been strong in my awareness, I have been gazing up at the night sky looking for this visible Light, the one the physical eye can identify. But the cloud, fog and rain create a veil. As I continued to look longingly, I thought Looking for Venus is an internal venture. So what does this mean? Goddess Venus represents beauty, so looking for Venus in the dark, in the winter is a profound notion. As we look for beauty in all things, in the everyday, within ourselves, what do we find? In winter this looking for beauty within contains stillness, a pause, reflection. Beauty that Venus can bring at this time is the embodiment of Self Love, Appreciation and a deeper connection to celebrating the Glorious You.


“What you are seeking is already looking”


Last month I took up a FaceBook challenge, a Quest. The idea was to create a journey with a bag of tools and set off to embrace a sacred space. I found myself under the large spruce tree in my garden, on the bench, in the shade. A favourite summer spot, this time with my bag of tools. The idea of this Quest was to carve some self-care time and to re-evaluate how time is spent in everyday existence. What we do, what we love, what we have forgotten. What is joy? What is self-love? And fun when we put it into alone time.

I found myself sat in front with a sketch pad and pencils. As I sat each day I just allowed, I fell into this silent space and surrendered to the pencil and paper. I was completely immersed in a dimension of calm. I was captivated by the subtle hues, the absence of thought and the silence.

What I set out to do was find a direction, a journey, a quest. What I found was the pause button, to still life in chaos and hit mute. A state of polarities appeared. The chaos of challenges in life and a sense of stillness. The state of polarities attracting for the higher perspective. I didn’t find this great journey or adventure in the planning but what I did find was an inner state …. the eye within the storm….

Or the profound words “what you are seeking is already looking” (St. Francis) now I understand…..seeking calm amid the storm ….. A state of being. The eye within the eye……

(CFFC- Eyes)