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Janice Turner Salmon. Reiki Master Practitioner, Meditation and Prayer Group Facilitator, Red Tent Women’s health practitioner with, Crystal therapies and Reflexology.

I offer one-to-one sessions with meditation, reiki, prayer and ritual. If you are curious about my services please contact me for more information.

Alignment sessions

This is path awareness and connection. There will be reiki with crystal energies, language with frequencies, the wise and the well and spirit ones of past, present and future. Expect body talk, your guidance and mine.

Alignment sessions £40

Distant therapy on Zoom

There is connection after the session by audio messages by phone. This aids reflection, and deeper connection.

Reiki Usui Tradition

This is a one-to-one session of the traditional healing teachings of Dr Usui Reiki £30

These sessions are rooted in the energy of harmony and balance.

On Zoom and by Arrangement. See my contact details.

Guided Meditation

I provide guided meditations and journey sessions for deep relaxation. This session consists of a discussion to set your intention followed by a guided journey through meditation practices for your rest, stress reduction and balance in mind, body and spirit £30

On Zoom

In-Person sessions for 2022

Crystal therapy £30

A gentle and soothing session for women with a full body treatment of crystal grids and points for meridian journeying and chakra balance with a beautiful collection of high vibrational crystals, quartz points and lemurian crystals

Reflexology £30

Reflexology and foot massage for menstrual health, full body alignment treatments for women, offering relaxation and stress reduction


Facebook: Medicinalmeadows

Mobile number: 07867505923


I offer a Group Distance Reiki healing every Wednesday at 7pm to 7.45pm UK time.

See my Facebook page @Medicinalmeadows and Instagram @janice_connections to join. Just Like the post and be open to accept, draw from, connect to the Reiki energy, (Universal Life Force Energy, or Sacred Invisible Energy). Set your intention to accept the energy for your greatest and highest good. For example to harmonize, balance, transform in the most positive way. Find a comfortable position, play some relaxing music if you wish, and set the intention to draw from the energy and receive into yourself for your highest potential.   If you wish to donate, I am very grateful. You can send me a donation of £3 or more at my Janice Salmon Ko-Fi page