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Spiritual Offerings

Distant Reiki

I hold a Group Distant Reiki healing every Wednesday at 7pm to 7.45pm

To join just accept to receive the energy intentionally or you can Like the post on social media.  In you Heart be open to accept, draw from, connect to, the Reiki energy, (Universal Life Force Energy, or Sacred Invisible Energy). Set your intention to accept the energy for your individual wishes, prayers and healing. For example to harmonize, balance, transform in the most positive way. Find a comfortable position, play some relaxing music if you wish, and set the intention to draw from the energy and receive into yourself for your highest potential.
I offer one to one sessions by appointment. Please get in touch if you wish to have a session all to yourself. I am available for consultations on video calls,  messenger , email and mobile. I charge between £25 – £35 for a distance reiki session.
If you wish to offer an exchange for the Group Distant Reiki I am very grateful . You can do this by using the link below. Thank You.

Sunday night candlelight

Prayer Circle Held every Sunday evening at the sun goes down. You can check in using social media, follow me at medicinalmeadows FB, and janice_connections on Instagram.
Tonight is Sunday Night Candle Light 🕯as the sun goes down this is an invitation to light a candle, say a prayer or say no prayer, contemplate or settle into stillness. Words are not necessary for Sunday night candle light. For 2 minutes or 2 hours you decide, light a candle, if you don’t have a candle a lamp will do. Let the Light hold an intention, a dedication, or allow it to shine for you. #trust #hope #light #together #sundaynightcandlelight #prayers #intentions #love #contemplation