It wasn’t you

Sliced in two

Who fell apart

Bruised the heart

It wasn’t you

That really knew

The end result

Would be insult

It wasn’t you

That walked on through

Passed on by

No blink of an eye

It wasn’t you

That had no clue

That held so tight

Knew wrong from right

It wasn’t you

I can’t believe to be true

That would be so bold

Not my hand you’d hold

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No bird song
Up in the tree
No laughter sort
Or gaiety

No dawn to break
No warming rays
No comfort found
On cloudy days

No pouring rain
No spell of cold
Or touch of skin
No hand to hold

No lightening strike
Or thunder rolls
No joyous kiss
Or beating souls

To sounds so sweet
To warmth entwine
Embrace complete
To love divine

Image by Vicki Wade Art