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Daily Prompt: Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

Fountains Abbey













Wasted Days

When time stands still
With hours to fill
Only clouds move by
Till dawn of next sky

Impatience is bound
For a new venture found
As days come to keep
The purpose we seek

The wasting of time
Wishing forward a crime
Anxiousness to weep
As golden days sweep

Longing to move on
A trepidatious song
Only keeps us from joy
With trickery, a ploy

Wishing time to the past
Hours to roll on fast
A life of speeding motion
A pebble in the ocean

Still the mind on track
Minutes, hours, to not lack
The seconds we have today
Are not stolen or mislaid


Trees in Winter


Winter trees at night
Take stormy plight
With bows and sways
The North wind plays
Trees at great height
With no cover alight
Take batterings and fight
In the brink of twilight
Bare, with no contrite
Natures test, a solemn rite
To trial their dark plight
Until morning brings light

Photograph by Janice Medicinalmeadows