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Crystal Connections

Have you ever wondered if we pick crystals we are drawn to from memories? I mean past life times or cellular memories of time, location or country?

I am a firm believer that some crystals we are pulled towards or even away from are because of location. I am very much connected to sea locations and water elements so when Philip Permutt ( introduced me to Scheelite on a course I was in love straight away. I had an instant connection to the feel of the crystal, I felt right at home, you know how that can be, when you just feel attuned with the stone in the palm of your hand. I bought three. I instantly felt the location, like I was standing on the shores with the blue sea in front of me, I felt at peace and at home right there in that moment. I could envisage the location, feel the sea breeze on my face, it was refreshing, mindful, and familiar.
So how does this work says the Ego? Well it could be the minerals on the palm of our hands connect, or the Soul knows and excites emotions, feelings of safety, belonging and familiarity. And don’t get me wrong it may not be all refreshing and calm, I think this can also work the other way. I struggle with agate from some locations, amethyst from some continents and not from others, and you think an amethyst is just an amethyst is just the same amethyst, think again! If a cellular code or memory is in that rock, we are bound to feel the difference, the word “Bound” can have many connotations right?
So for me, crystals located near to the sea, I love them. Here I have Turkish Blue Scheelite calcite, aquatine calcite, and a Lemurian quartz. So what do you love? And just have a little meditation into what the location is of that “go to” crystal you Love!