2014 New Beginnings, A Brand New You



She is small, she is shy
With the biggest blue eyes
She doesn’t yell or shout
Free and happy to play out

Quiet and thoughtful
If needed is forceful
A teen without rebel
Coming out of her shell

Young and making friends
Smiles and welcome extends
Self belief in College years
Riches in life, sharing with peers

Qualified with a job to do
Fear and worries to get through
All new situations to fit into
Anxious, unsure with no clue

Self assured now, of knowing
A position of expertise upholding
To a professional with respect
At a cost of personal neglect

As years pass, she can’t see
The young lady, come to be
Reverts back to shy small girl
Misses the glimmer of the pearl

Life’s low ebb comes calling
Cling on, fight without falling
See the value of  persistence
Strive on and go the distance

She learns great lessons
To trusting her perceptions
Poise to keep with self caring
To a nurtured place of dwelling

To a belief in herself
Faith, hope, natural wealth
What she wants really to be
Is a combination of all that, is me