Trees in Winter


Winter trees at night
Take stormy plight
With bows and sways
The North wind plays
Trees at great height
With no cover alight
Take batterings and fight
In the brink of twilight
Bare, with no contrite
Natures test, a solemn rite
To trial their dark plight
Until morning brings light

Photograph by Janice Medicinalmeadows

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Haiku – Wind and Storms

windy-escapade-leslie-allen                  stromy seas

HaikuWind and Storm

The Roll on roll sound
Epic gusts and circles round
Swirls and toils  inbound

Momentum aspires
Gallop approach transpires
Then it retires

Billows and raptures
Again as if in chapters
Turmoil it captures

Making its portal
Gaining its strength so forceful
Is it immortal?

Power to abduct
Scatter to wreck and destruct
Not wise to obstruct

A calm comes in play
Time to retreat and obey
Commands the suns ray

(Images from Google images)