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June Discoveries

This book,  The Red Tent pulls you in by your heartstrings. It is a captivating read and I was charmed into the world of sisterhood, the world within the Red Tent and the circle of caring for one another that once took place in every community. The story is of a girl named Dinah in biblical times from the Book of Genesis and it is loosely based on the family of Jacob and his wives. Firstly, I need to explain this is not a religious text it is a charming tale of womanhood and the changing traditions in communities and society. It is also a book of emotional polarities as Dinah’s story transitions through communal life in childhood and family ties to city dwellings amongst Kings. It is storytelling at its best about birth, growth, healing, ageing and friendship. I recommend reading the book before watching the recent Mini Series on Drama TV as you will be watching an abridged version of Dinah’s story.


The crystal for the month of June has been Moonstone. This crystal is known as a Feldspar mineral and has an opaqueness to its appearance. It can be found in shades of peach, grey, white, black and rainbow blue. For me the different colours have their own properties such as peach feels delicate and soothing, white is very intuitive and balances feminine qualities, black is for introspection and deep emotional healing. Rainbow moonstone has a prism effect diffusing a blue light. It has an uplifting presence and protective feel, as well as the inner knowing sense that all the colours of moonstone bring into being.

So what have you discovered this month to recommend? What books have you been reading? And which crystals have taken your fancy in the last few months?

Next months reviews will include some Hay House books and a lovely Chrysocolla sphere I have just purchased from Philip Permutt at The Crystal Healer Online Store.






Todays Daily Prompts: Object Lesson. Sherlock Holmes had his pipe. Dorothy had her red shoes. Batman had his Batmobile. If we asked your friends what object they most immediately associate with you, what would they answer?


I asked a dear friend, what object they most  associate with me? Books she answered, so here are my favourite books the ones I can’t do without.

The first is The Alchemist (1988) by Paulo Coelho. I love reading this book. I was given a copy and told I would read it in one sitting which I duly did. I have heard many people do the same. The story is so universal and resonates to all who read it. It has a magical spell that draws you in and the result is a valuable fable. It leaves the reader with a soothing comfort and a reminder that paths to follow are wide open to us all.

Eat, Pray, Love (2007) is another book to keep on my shelf by Elizabeth Gilbert. It is about balance. A process which I endeavour with daily. To keep oneself on a path of self-growth, love and encouragement is a difficult task that needs work daily. The book is about a woman who travels to find her balance and discovers it within.

My third book is a text book. Pharmacology by Rang, Dale, Ritter and Moore (2003). I worked my hardest to achieve the status of prescriber in my job. Sweat, tears and joy all were experienced with this intense period of pushing my brain to the limit. My pharmacology book is a testament to this goal as well as a useful tool that I may need again.

Finally the book that thrilled my senses, smell perception via words on a page. Reading Chocolat by Joanne Harris (1999) I could smell the white, milk, dark chocolate, the spices, the fruit and drink in the warm aromatic tastes. Although chocoholics stand away from this one! Joanne Harris certainly charmed the words through this loveable story.