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She wept….

We are approaching the end of the Gospel and now we see the disciples doubting her experience of the vision with the Saviour. She is challenged by the other Apostles, and she wept. I talk about the breaking down, as the breaking through, as Mary stands fully in her Power. We are taking a step towards the Bridal Chamber, as Mary’s Gospel is paving the way for this to be the most critical teaching……

In this video I am reminded of being fully witnessed brings us completely central in our truth. I see how being seen is a powerful, and a result of circle practice.

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Thunder, Perfect Mind

Last night I listened to Dale Allen Hoffman reading Thunder, Perfect Mind, his translation. I sat, took a few deep breathes, opened my heart and listened. I have read this scripture hundreds of times, I have share it for others and every time I am moved to a deeper aspect of connection to the feminine.

Last night this translation connected me those parts that are blocked, that sit in the shadow,  the shadow of the feminine. By that I don’t mean the woman. It is the feminine aspects of our human existence that intuitively greets us, holds us. The aspect that remembers the soul and connects to all our passages of time, in this lifetime and others. The pushed down, held back shame of youth, distorted blame, and misguided realms we have walked.

I believe to truly know the deep feminine aspects of ourselves until we can sit in the dark, sit in our shadow, and listen with an open heart. The feminine is longing to be heard, with wisdom and knowledge to break through ❤ and come rolling into us like a thunder roll over the hills.

The shadow is dark and can bring forth the night that brings forth the day.

Here is the link to the scripture on You Tube – Thunder, Perfect Mind

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Moon phase -Waning in Menopause

This 50 life is a change in the signposts of my being. At this time we are entering into the dark moon phase and I feel it, I deeply feel it.

At menopause I no longer have the last menses dotted in my diary as a clear indication of my follicular and luteal phases. But the lesson is right here, the paper notes, the digital calendar are not the messengers, my body is, I am embodying the phase.

This last week I felt the waning of the moon cycle. I was aware of the turning inward and had a welcome feeling to step down a level of commitment as I employed a new awareness, my body acknowledging the moon.

I felt the nudge, the communication of my body in relationship with the moon. It was like the strings of a musical instrument being tuned in to the flow of energy in direct response.

I am aware that this weekend the earth holds the women in turning inward. A time to rest, to give thanks for what has occurred in this moon cycle. An invitation to enter into a ritual of gratitude for was is, what was and let go of what is no longer needed. A time to reflect on the fullness that occured, the joy we received.

At the end of the dark nights 🌙 we begin to consider what newness to dream into being for the new cycle ahead. We have the ability to create again.

This is also the way of the elder, the wise woman, the women under the moon of menopause. We are welcomed to take the moon phases as our compass. With our feet meeting the earth, her body, our body, and our crown reaching to the moon. We are embodying the rhythms of our true nature for the generations ahead.

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Reiki Meditations – from me to you

I have created two meditations for all Reiki Practitioners new and established. A routine daily practice for cleansing and opening to Reiki Energy. Although anyone can follow the Hatsurei-Ho meditation and enjoy it as a meditation, just follow my voice and the Reiki will flow. It is a great way to bring Reiki into your daily spiritual development. The energy will flow and assist in your connection to the Universal Life Force Energy all around.

The second recording is for everyone. It is Reiki infused as a Reiki treatment session. It is intended as a releasing meditation that flows from your feet upwards through the body to the head. It brings awareness to parts of you holding on, and with my voice, in Reiki, it invites these places of your body to let go.

You can download these mediations by going to my Shop at, just follow the link below.

I request a donation for the download of my energy to your energy. Please donate to me at the link below, the donation is £5 for downloading and you can listen as often as you wish.

Thank you for your gorgeous and generous support, I appreciate your exchange, from my heart to yours.

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Energy of the Stellata

The energies within and around today are feeling open and vulnerable. There is a sense of sensitivity and faithfulness in the Great Spirit of All that is. The moon phase has changed and I am reminded of the fullness that was, has turned inward and has moved towards reflection of what has occurred in the past is in the past. The message is that of present moment awareness. At this time I feel there is a requirement to focus on moment to moment somatic enquire.
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Contentment at the Level of the Heart

Here is a new translation, from David Curtis at

These are my new Lights, my new impressions from the first pages with discussions from Peter with the Saviour. Here Peter asks about Sin and the Saviour answers with the words, translated by David Curtis, to ” find contentment at the level of the heart” page 8.

This passage is speaking to me about manifesting at the level of the heart, to find contentment and find that vibration, that feeling that brings my true nature into the everyday. Here I am speaking of maintaining my balance, my harmony.

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Sweet Nothing, the Pause

In my 50th year, my blog posts needed a title change, so I am now “my 50 life”…nope doesn’t have the same ring to it as “my 49 life!” So I need a rethink, or, I need a Pause!

The great Pause as it is now named, the great Pause, the Meno-Pause. I have been sitting with this word for the last week and it has this beautiful meaning to me of sinking my roots deep down into the earth beneath me. I think I may just be onto something here. This is the time to do less and practice, no, not even practice, I correct myself here, do nothing.

When have I ever done nothing? I think back to all the times in my life when I have done something, always done something. I have tried harder, worker longer, put in more, pushed, changed direction, persisted. But when I look back to those challenging times in my 50 years I can now see that at some point doing nothing would have been possible if not the most practical. This menopause to me has always been about life on review, it is the biggest reset point in my existence. And now I can see it most clearly that some of my embodied, arising signals are flashing the pause button.

Imagine you are sat, in a very big comfortable way, (use your own imaginal viewing to dress-this-up now!!!) watching some episodes of your life and in front of the screen is a big button, a pause button. How many times could that button have been pressed for a Pause? But get this, the Pause button isn’t just to pause then play, no, it is to Pause, step away. This I feel is the thread and pull to energetic fatigue I feel, what would happen if I pressed Pause and did sweet nothing? No finishing that book while I sit, no picking up the phone, no lists, no nothing, not even writing or thinking! It is an art to Pause, so join me, create Pause, “what are you doing today?” “Having a Pause”.

What if this is that one thing that is restorative?! That is the answer to the fatigue and exhaustion?! What if the body is wiser than the brain and is shouting just sit, pause and ground yourself right here and now. Put your energetic roots down and watch the grass grow. Big transitions need but spaces of nothingness, be an empty vessel, a hollow bone, allow the world to shine through you, not work from you. Just sit a while longer…..the sweetness of nothing needed, nothing required, nothing to be done.

The Ongo Book p. 29 by Catherine Cadden and Jesse Wiens

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Lines of Grandmothers

There is a sweet feeling, 
Pegging out the washing
Watching my hands age
along the line.
This inner knowing
Of the right way to
hang the clothes.
Maybe my Grandmothers
are talking through me
as I peg the next to the next.
This pleasing practice,
Embedded in my bones,
Of the women, the wind, the dazzling sun.
Did they have moments like this?
Early morning dew in Spring?
I imagine my lineage of women,peg to peg, listening to birdsong, looking at their own hands year after year.
My line of coastal dwellers,
Salty air,
Swinging clothes in sunlight,
Clothes of colours to old worn comforts.
Seagulls hovering for a bit of bread,
The dry lines and cold fingers,
Their hands,
My hands,
Now look the same.

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Mary Magdalene and the Red Egg

There are stories and legends of Mary across the centuries. One of those stories is of the Red Egg that she presented to the Emperor Tiberius and it turned bright red. A miracle that was to represent to the Emperor that Christ was Risen. The story of the Egg is directly linked to the Resurrection, is this the connect of Eggs to Easter?

Here are my thoughts on the story of the Red Egg and Mary. In this video I look at the symbolism and the links to the meaning of the egg. I feel into my own understanding of rebirth and the cycle of the seasons.

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All Natures within – Mary Magdalene’s Gospel

Every time I revisit The Gospel of Mary I am brought into a New Light. By that I mean that something new is awakened in me. This is not just my perspective but that of others too. Recently I took part in an online study group on the Gospel and this was a standard format for reading and discussing the words of Mary and her teachings. I don’t doubt there is a little of Mary’s Magic in here too.

Yesterday I read the Gospel from the beginning and the opening paragraphs brought me into the new light of the message from the Gospel of Thomas, “when you make the inside like the outside, and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below”. It also resembled to me the toroidal field heart flow, the flow of energy not just around the heart but all things living, including the smallest of our living cells.

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