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A Longing View

 I feel you so near
But we’re miles apart
All would become clear
To confide and impart
Consuming intensity
Of wishing you here
Back then perplexity
Was pasted with fear
Thinking you are close
That you are at my side
A constant repose
Possibilities reside
(A view, a daydream for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy)






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Pull Through

Give up, give in
You’ll never win
Stay in, sit back
You’ll always lack

Look down, keep low
Thoughts will not go
Heavy heart will stay
You feel dismay

Think sad and lost
A mighty cost
No words to say
Just a frozen day

Need of a pull
So all is less dull
Just a way though
One hope will do

See one chance
A dream, a dance
A glance, a gaze
Out of this phase