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I am the Love that never dies
I am She who calls to you from whispers, sound, vibrations of the Heart.
I come in Dark and Light
In Strength and Fear
Do not fade at what comes before you
Do not bluster or storm
You are always in my Love
I am carrying your torch of Light
To guide a way for you to be open
Be present
Be in Teaching
Of the moment
Nothing evades you
Nothing withheld from you
As all love can be received
All thanks to Love
In openness
Of Divine Love
Be open
Be gracious
Of the Love that never dies

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Open Hearted

I Am SHE of Sound
Like waves upon your shore
I am Here caressing you to awaken
To seek Within
As You Love You Open
As You Open You Love

The Song of Peace
Like gentle waves of Love
To Open your door
To find your own Sound,
Your Song, Your Way

On the Shore of your Emptiness
There in the Oneness
You will find Sanctuary
And it will hold you still

As You surrender
To the waves of your Being
Transcending all that burdens you
I am always found within
Your Heart


The Love Project


There is something sacred about telling our own stories. Our adventures, love stories and history. By capturing and share meaningful moments in our lives psychologist such as Pennebaker and Evans recognise that writing about ourselves is a source of healing as well as focusing on events unique to us that have shaped our lives. This legacy writing is also a way to pass on history, values and treasures that if not told and documented will most certainly be lost forever.

Projects in towns and cities are also being provided to utilise multi-media resources to capture stories. My local project is on the theme of Love. Women are being asked to share their stories of love through the decades. They will be interviewing female volunteers on what Love has meant to them, in relationships, at a personal level and growing up in their home town. The project unfolds as women in groups or as individuals start storytelling their moments and sharing their experiences.

These interviews will be captured on video, transcripts and as written accounts. The project with put these records of everlasting memories on display to the public for future generations to see values, beliefs and emotions of women throughout the decades.


The Barrow Love Project ” The Red Tent” is holding a series of sessions for women to discuss their experiences of teenage and early adult years growing up in Barrow in the 1940’s through to the 1990’s.

For more information go to: or to book a place contact Amanda Mortlock project coordinator on 01229 833228 or mail

Links to other Red Tent Projects;

Women’s Stories from the Red Tent – find a tent near you

Red Tent Bristol Women’s Group

Red Tent Directory



Todays Daily Prompts: Object Lesson. Sherlock Holmes had his pipe. Dorothy had her red shoes. Batman had his Batmobile. If we asked your friends what object they most immediately associate with you, what would they answer?


I asked a dear friend, what object they most  associate with me? Books she answered, so here are my favourite books the ones I can’t do without.

The first is The Alchemist (1988) by Paulo Coelho. I love reading this book. I was given a copy and told I would read it in one sitting which I duly did. I have heard many people do the same. The story is so universal and resonates to all who read it. It has a magical spell that draws you in and the result is a valuable fable. It leaves the reader with a soothing comfort and a reminder that paths to follow are wide open to us all.

Eat, Pray, Love (2007) is another book to keep on my shelf by Elizabeth Gilbert. It is about balance. A process which I endeavour with daily. To keep oneself on a path of self-growth, love and encouragement is a difficult task that needs work daily. The book is about a woman who travels to find her balance and discovers it within.

My third book is a text book. Pharmacology by Rang, Dale, Ritter and Moore (2003). I worked my hardest to achieve the status of prescriber in my job. Sweat, tears and joy all were experienced with this intense period of pushing my brain to the limit. My pharmacology book is a testament to this goal as well as a useful tool that I may need again.

Finally the book that thrilled my senses, smell perception via words on a page. Reading Chocolat by Joanne Harris (1999) I could smell the white, milk, dark chocolate, the spices, the fruit and drink in the warm aromatic tastes. Although chocoholics stand away from this one! Joanne Harris certainly charmed the words through this loveable story.


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No bird song
Up in the tree
No laughter sort
Or gaiety

No dawn to break
No warming rays
No comfort found
On cloudy days

No pouring rain
No spell of cold
Or touch of skin
No hand to hold

No lightening strike
Or thunder rolls
No joyous kiss
Or beating souls

To sounds so sweet
To warmth entwine
Embrace complete
To love divine

Image by Vicki Wade Art