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The Moon and the Womb

This full moon has certainly sent some of us on a journey (understatement). At this full moon with the eclipse I did wonder what my body was thinking. You see for years I had my bleed on a full moon, then it changed to new moon and now back again. Word has it that it is more “conventional “ to bleed at the new moon. I heard a wise woman once say, that if we bleed on the new moon we align with the dark moon phase and go inward on a journey of inner discovery. Sounds sensible, when that cave is calling and it’s a pickle out there, retreating seems like a good option. It’s a time to look inward, reflect, recharge and above all, rest. It is also a deep dive into the recesses of our consciousness, into the shadow for remoulding and rebirthing into a new cycle once again. She explained that women who bleed on the full moon are outwardly gazing. They are retrospective about all of life, they are also tapping into the collective and the whole of creation (exhausting). Now imaging this on an eclipse, got it?! No wonder so many of us are fatigued! We probably repainted the Matrix.
Menstruating is powerful energy. We approach by rebuilding ourselves to head back out into the world and live a new cycle of ourselves into existence by developing a more conscious human every single time. Or we take on the whole, we do the conscious work that benefits the All, we get expansive and start over….charged, full of insight, ready, with a “bring it on” attitude, after I get some more sleep that is…..
This dance around the moon, dance around ourselves can also be respondent at waning and waxing phases just as plugged in, folding and unfolding gradually for a journey through the Soul’s calling of what we are current engaging with.
But don’t underestimate the power of our inner Cosmos, this is why women where separated from cycling in circles, this is why we have been cycling in isolation. If we ever get to the potent power of cycling together again, in circles, as communities, I am certain the world will change under the starlit skies.

Code Red by Lisa Lister

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May’s discoveries for health and wellbeing  

I have been reading Code Red by Lisa Lister. In this book the author creates a
simple way to view the menstrual cycle. The rhythms of pre-ovulation, ovulation, pre-menstrual and menstrual perceived as the seasons, spring, summer autumn and winter brings about a new found understanding for how to plan activities and self-care. Just thinking of  diary commitments and the seasons of the cycle has brought about a new respect for scheduling. Not only that, there ARE benefits to autumn and winter days that I am just discovering and bringing into being. There is a new found creativity “period” to be welcomed in at this time. If you need some ideas birthing projects or working events then working with the flow of our cycle instead of pushing against it is the message. Lisa has a friendly writing style and introduces elements of feminine history and uterine health than make you spark off on your own research trails to see what deeper understanding can be found outside of the book as well.

There are links to her website for charting and getting a little geeky as she says, with understanding the individuality of the cycle. The website has downloads to print out guidance, charts and picture wheels. Well worth taking
a look as well as the resources section at the back of the book.


The crystal for this month is the lovely peach moonstone, a gentle energy for the sacral chakra. It has a soothing property and is emotionally supportive. It is said to alleviate worries and bring a lift to positive vibrations, and of course, a balance to the feminine energies.

Instead of clary sage, I have been using rosemary oil mixed with lavender in fractionated cocunut oil carrier oil (safe blending). It has brought me a lift in my energy giving me a gentle wake-up on those tired days.

I have invested in the Soulful Woman Affirmation cards. These bring about a lift of positivity for the day. The artwork is bright and colourful and the words on the cards are comforting. I find there is little need for the guide book due to a good explanation on the bottom of the cards as well as the eye being drawn to the intricate artwork.

That’s my monthly round up, so what has inspired you in the health and wellbeing section this month?

Much Love,

Janice x