the place within…..



Outside my window
And in plain view
Posy petals
Glisten in dew

Dreaming of days
Dazzling and bright
And envy of Kings
In summer delight

Pink tulle tutus
Tipping to bow
Flowing confetti
“Grazie” then “Ciao”

©2015 Janice Turner Salmon. All rights reserved.

For Day 22 of NaPoWriMo2015


Orange Sky


O sun streak through
Alabaster days
Banish weak torment
Of the morning haze

Glisten into the sea
Adorn the mighty waves
Flee the blinding mists
Brighten with golden rays

Bring forth the spirit
Of dawn full of praise
Sing from dismal slumber
Out of this dark phase

For WPC: Orange

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A Longing View

 I feel you so near
But we’re miles apart
All would become clear
To confide and impart
Consuming intensity
Of wishing you here
Back then perplexity
Was pasted with fear
Thinking you are close
That you are at my side
A constant repose
Possibilities reside
(A view, a daydream for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy)