Garden of Peace


To feast the day long
Open wide my heart
To ethereal song

Eyes engage to see
The light inside the dawn
The possibility

Beam of true colours
The gateway to heaven
Is found here in others

The path seems so real
The garden on earth, here,
Today, in how I feel

Only now I do tell
Mind, printing paradise
Carries peace where I dwell



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No bird song
Up in the tree
No laughter sort
Or gaiety

No dawn to break
No warming rays
No comfort found
On cloudy days

No pouring rain
No spell of cold
Or touch of skin
No hand to hold

No lightening strike
Or thunder rolls
No joyous kiss
Or beating souls

To sounds so sweet
To warmth entwine
Embrace complete
To love divine

Image by Vicki Wade Art

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Pull Through

Give up, give in
You’ll never win
Stay in, sit back
You’ll always lack

Look down, keep low
Thoughts will not go
Heavy heart will stay
You feel dismay

Think sad and lost
A mighty cost
No words to say
Just a frozen day

Need of a pull
So all is less dull
Just a way though
One hope will do

See one chance
A dream, a dance
A glance, a gaze
Out of this phase