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Equinox and the year’s gestational moment!
Are we ready to be looking left and right? Masculine and Feminine? To the Light as well as in the Dark? We can’t just be looking up! We need to look both ways, to the light and into the shadow of all aspects of life on planet earth. That includes within us and all around us. The goggles are off, menopause creating a whole new vision, the great pause…. reflection.
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Anxiety Step 1, Chrysanthemum

Sending you the joy of #chrysanthemum, the flower of happiness, and wellbeing. I bought these beauties as a #selfcare treat and realised that my need for joy is the symbolism of these flowers.
This week I have been on the anxiety train. I have recognised the toolbox of well rehearsed practices are just that, practices.
If I don’t keep up the repetition,  the effects are train platform 1 to begin, again! So here I am, step 1!
Eating better starts here
Walking, EMT left right eye movement starts here…
Selfcare starts here
Meditation starts here
It feels, acts, and looks like a program…..the anxiety to wellbeing program????
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Grief is a vast emotion that no one escapes, if feels deep and cavernous.

Whether it be the absence of a loved one, a place, a community transformed to the loss of a situation, All is welcomed to the doorway of grief.

It can take us into the underworld of our deep soul, searching for all that is Love.

Deep Respect ❤💗❤

Photo: carved head found during excavations around Furness Abbey Ruins

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Menopausal Fatigue


A reminder for all those #menopausal #fatigued #women today, (the cat knows)…
Susun weed offers the words of Grandmother Growth. “You are in the midst of the labour of giving birth to yourself as Crone. Of course you are tired. Don’t resist. Let the energy move up to your crown, rather than down and out as with menstrual blood. This birthing of your wholeness is something you’ll retain”.
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Heart Resonance

Hear within my heart the whispers of becoming

Sweet Beloved guide the path upon that which you know for me is true

May the rains fall in the dark hours to fill up the rivers

So I can then follow you at the banks of the living waters

When the Light returns once more

Allow me to witness

The seasons of the leaf

That seems to die only to begin upon the richness of the path

That lays beneath my naked feet

Every tread upon your ground then leads me on

With ancient whispering asking me to flow along

Let me see Light as the dawn of opportunities

Like the flowers that open their heart’s fully in your coming strength

Let me feel the inner blossoming of your warmth upon my chest

And when the day is done

May I feel tenderness with the remembrance

Of your embrace

As the river runs, I will be

Gently embedded into my heart once more

As rest comes within your flowing breath

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Waning Cycles

It’s been a funny kinda week. Busy right to the end. And the night time has been too short. In my 49 year I am not so sleep deprived as I was in my early 40s or as hot. Now when I awake at 3am I get up walk to the window and look for the moon. We have had some rampant energies of late with the Lions gate, solar flares and full moon. I have been floored quite flankly at the beginning of August and now as I see the moon in her crescent form I am calm again. I love the waning aspect of the moon, this is my favourite flavour of her cycle. Is it the invitation to retreat into nurturing selfhood? Or is it the charismatic allure from all the folktales and art in this form?
Whatever the reason I am thinking that as I wane in my 49 year with my own rhythmical cycling, maybe I should still honour my moon time in my crone years and follow this moon rhythm of the earth. As my body is an earth body,  what better way than to follow Her.
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Image:Google Artemis

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Personal Power

Today’s word was Integrity. The message is about the power of our solar plexus. When we see a situation or challenge through to its completion we create wholeness. Not just a beginning and end to the scenario but an energetic alignment occurs. We build self worth through these earthly experiences. These challenges exercise our internal warrior and the end point is where we value the journey. So the questions for the solar plexus alignment are;
What achievements have brought you individuality?
What creations have brought you a sense of personal power?
What freedoms have you created?

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Internal Gardener

The gentle garden is a message that we are the creators of our reality. Recent months have been teaching me focus and deliberate direction. In order to create my world I need to be in the mind of the deliberate gardener, the Internal Gardener.

I am learning to bring my attention into intention. My garden can not thrive without care, nurturance and planning. I am now aware that weeding is necessary, cleaning out and trimming back is a requirement to allow the Light to shine on areas that I want to have growth. I am even daring to dream in my garden of next year. In order to do that I need to make space, clear an area and select what I wish to grow. Including the research around direction, season, and climate.

The gentle gardener is a new alignment for me, I am the Internal Gardener.

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What is Energy?

How can I see my emotions as energy? What we see on the surface is not what it looks like underneath. Seeing Emotions as Energy is to dive deep underground. The surface level is just that, the top layer. Deep within is a vast environment of essential nature, truth, libraries of stories we carry and galleries of images we have cataloged and kept. There are great algorithms that weave backwards and propel forwards. And these networks of energy I describe are just through the lense of my own enquiry. I am also connected to others, their networks and hives of energy, my ancestral stories and the generations ahead. What deep webs we weave of emotions….we are all connected…
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