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Rites of Passage

Sometimes the answers are so simple, what act of self-kindness helps me heal? Cake. You see I have been gluten free for over a decade and whilst I don’t miss such things as cake or toast anymore, I do miss the occasions. For so long I have not had that rite of passage that actually does mean a lot. I have had no Birthday cake, no candles to make a wish and no celebration for another year turning around the sun. These rites are important, they are a celebration of life.
A great woman wrote that when we are born we are not born alone. We are born with a placenta that becomes our guardian angel. The physical placenta we are born with is full of richness and nourishment and to honour this spiritual passage and guardian we have a placenta cake. We keep on celebrating that life giving connection. So this year I will gratefully be celebrating my spiritual connection, my nurturing, and whole self. I can bake a gluten free cake.
Thank you #robinlim
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I am a garden

I unfurl into the cycles of my own cells, that mature, decay and shed. My body recycles daily and it has been its own Garden for all my days.

Seeding, growing, expanding, wilting, rotting, composting, rejuvenating since birth.

I am birth and death in a day. Marvellous Me.

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What is Calling?

When I consider the number of roles I have and positions I have worked as an adult I see that we develop and change towards our Calling. In life we may have had many roles as employees, as a family member that has change into a new way of connecting or a responsibility we didn’t even expect for ourselves as we are drawn to the Path in Life we now tread.

Sometimes we lose the footing a little and that is OK. Sometimes we need a little alignment to navigate back to the Path. The greatest tool for navigation is the Heart. When we deeply listen to what the Heart Desires we know we are living a true existence. When we find it hard to negotiate, feel exhausted or under valued by the world around us, this is when we could do with some Heart based navigation.

When I forget to drop into the Heart as my compass I am untethered in this world. I need time and space to check my Path, see where I am leading myself, see what is leading me, listen to myself and who is listening to me. To witness and observe the route I am on and with whom I am traveling with. All this takes time, space and a map for the journey ahead.

I may need to reminisce and the past can be a place of seeing and evaluating the journey so far. No journey has ever been without a lesson or a reason and I am grateful for all those I have met as my Teachers now I see the Path more clearly. There is also a need to clear away old baggage and worn out shoes from this great Path. To reassess what worked and what did not. There is also the treasure of the knowledge gained so far that is of value not just to me but to others I now meet along the Way. Journeying can be a venture done Alone or with others, All-One.

Here is a meditation I have prepared to begin the next phase of this Journey on the Path.

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Centred and Balanced

I love that the word Centred, in the dictionary it means to be “well balanced”, for me these words have very different connotations. The word “Well” refers to an old and ancient belief that women where Well keepers. not just attending to the water springs from within the Earth or distributing healing waters, but they were keeping us well. The midwives, the nurses, the “Goodwives” are all titles that have been used to describe women that looked after our well being. Women of today are still all these things. They are the Well Keepers of the families, the community and they are holding full time employment, caring for their elders and walking the dog late at night. I am not detracting here the contributions of Men. I am recognising the terminology referring to Women throughout the ages.

So are the Women Well? I have been a keen follower of the Red Tent communities for some years and the conversations are still leading to how the world views are continuing to show us the same news headlines. They still report on salaries to the largest workforce of women is underpaid, over worked and struggling. We forget that women in nursing makes up 88% of the overall staffing, that nurses are frontline staff in a Pandemic. Then there is women’s pensions, still up for debate as many have been short changed into 2021. The Well Women of years gone by are still the Keepers of Today, but there are age old controversies that continue.

To Balance means “evenly distribute”, in terms of health, wealth, and responsibility and so on. When things are in balance in alignment that is when flow of all these elements are equal. If distribution is equal then the load is weighed out, everything is just, right and stable. For Women to be Well Balanced, there is still thedistribution of All things to be considered.

How do you feel today? Are you “well balanced” and in your flow?

There are many weights we carry and many emotions around the family, community and our own self care that need up holding in the day to day. To be Centred is to be in alignment to yourself first and then into the world feeling energetically, stable at least. Sometimes the feeling if not the weight can be address. So where do women go to gather themselves, talk, be heard and be witnessed. We don’t gather at the well-springs anymore, so where is the modern day well keepers place?

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Red Tent Quest

The last twelve months I have been travelling with the Red Tent Collective into Birth Doula Training. I have sat in circle with the most amazing women, reading a stack of books, walking on and off the path to weave amongst the mystical ways of birth and cyclicity of menstruation and menopause. I am on a mission, the way of being woman, with all of this heightened awareness. I am seeing what is missing in society for women, health and equilibrium.

Some blog posts ago I was writing about Belonging to land space and place and this year I have come full circle to the place within. What a synchronicity….the place within. To me this equilibrium is the sense of calmness, where ever I Am, the Belonging is within. It is a deep rooted sense of assurity that no matter what I am rooted in the moment. It is the heart beat and the alignment to a feeling, not a place.

How did I get to Here? I got to this place of assurity from sitting in Circle with others, from a community of people who can sit and listen with total acceptance. By that I mean a listening circle, a circle gathering of others who have capacity of Heart to Hear. When we Hear and do not fixed, when we can Speak and are not held back, when we are Witnessed and not judged, we are Accepted. Total acceptance creates a feeling of Belonging to Self.

I will continue to blog more about my journey of Womenhood as my Path unfolds. For now, I leave you with a Womb Blessing, naturally spontaneous and unedited.

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Summer’s Thunder Full Moon

I had a very serene evening out at the beach yesterday. I visited the Woods near the streams that flow to Abbey Ruins. Then followed as much as I could, the river to the coast. I headed to a sandy beach and it was quiet, so peaceful. I felt very anchored as I felt into the energies. There was a deep Celtic vibe to note all the elements and the breeze got up strong and cool. I blended in.

I managed to drum for a while, the wind had got up and it felt strong to be so met by such a force whilst the sand was so soft under my feet. I left a blessing of my dried lavender and rose petals. I was then amazed to find many hag stones as I made my way back. I usually struggle to find one! I felt totally cleansed and a message to honour the old that meets the new. I headed home over the country lanes and passed the Celtic cross by the Castle. I get lost a little on the lanes but this detour felt perfect.

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Heart Desires

Taking time out this month has been a real blessing. I have still had commitments and routine to uphold but I have take time for some loving self-care and compassion. I have attended to some simple pleasures that had fallen away from my awareness. This morning I stood listening to the pleasing sound of the bumblebees on the borage. They squeak and busy themselves on the flowers. Then there is my cat, Raffi out all night and cosy sleeping in the chair opposite my desk. What are those simple pleasures that satisfy the soul? What is it your heart desires as Mother Divine would ask? Where and what do I wish to align myself? Such a simple question. What is it your heart desires?
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Land Healing

A year ago…   I remember going to this place after I had sat in circle chanting Akal Maha Kal ,Akal means undying, Maha means great, and Kal means death. The undying and the great death are actually one; the mantra removes anxiety. It felt like a spiritual procession to go to this place a previous industrial site, with this chant in my mind. A great presence was felt for the steel workers of industry, the losses of loved ones to this land, my ancestors and the land itself. Land healing is just as necessary as healing to our-human-selves.

So a year later and the land was calling again. In circle on Monday last week we were pulled back into the timeline of haematite, iron ore and land healing. I am aware of the the body having it’s own reflective calendar that remembers situations and episodes in life, and with the added help of technology and google images alerts to “a year ago today”, this had all resurfaced in my place of being.

The messages and the threads of history had me on a path of land history. What is it about the land that needs healing? is it the unearthing of materials that is sacred, is consent an issue on the land? What is Haematite and where did the transportation of the Haematite Steel company end up in other parts of the world?

In the 1740s Furness was already transporting iron ore to Wales and the Midlands by boat to smelting works. In 1866 the Haematitie steel works was formed and by 1876 it was the largest iron and steelworks in the world. The Barrow works mass produced for railway lines and exported all over the globe. Furness Haematite is probably deposited all over the earth (Wikipedia)

So what is haematite? it is classed as an oxide in can be black and steel grey in colour to a reddish brown. It has a metallic sheen and it is classed as the important ore in iron, making up abut 70% iron and 30% oxygen. Historically the word comes from haimatites (Greek) meaning blood red and it is the liquid uses for primitive cave paintings dating back to 40,000 years ago. In the renaissance period is was used to mix paints to fix colours. And from the 1700s used for industry for steel manufacturing. Once an art related material turned industrial compound. Haematite is said to be present on Mars, as NASA have discovered the abundance of this mineral on the surface (

Today we are probably most familiar with Haematite as a crystal, a healing stone. It is described as a grounding stone for the base chakra bringing courage, confidence and stability. It is believed to be protective and balancing stone boosting self worth. It is formed from “weathered environments” including wet and dry seasons (http://virtual-museaum). Having research this crystal a little more I am conflicted with its modern day description in the crystal world as a calming and cooling crystal for clarity of mind, when it has prominent links to Mars, the God of War, and the energies of

  • fire
  • gravity
  • desire
  • leadership
  • strength

But maybe we need a little warrior energy and the haematite has a place that runs deeper in my psyche now that I have an understanding of this mineral, this crystal, in my own belonging to land, place and space. This is the crystal of my recent ancestors who worked on this land. They worked at the iron works, in the steel works and in shipbuilding. This mineral brought my ancestors here for work from Scotland, Ireland and the West Midlands. I am a second generation settler in this place and this land is responsible for my upbringing, my parents birth place, their accents, vernacular, traditions and rituals both lost and altered in emigration.

The metaphysical properties we know in the crystal world of haematite are;

  • protection
  • courage
  • bravery
  • self-confidence

I have no doubt that the above descriptions are characteristics of my ancestors who travelled to live in a new town, a new industry and build a new life. This crystal of haematite is certainly bring me to a new and unique understanding of the mineral I have carried in my pocket, used as jewellery and now the relationship to my ancestors.

What crystals are within your own family tree?

What minerals are present underneath your feet?

What land healing do you feel called to do?

Is there alchemy in your land, place and space?

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A Thousand Seeds of Light

She lasted longer in the shadows than she could remember

The time had passed for her to remain silent. The need to recoil under the oak had been and gone

But now at last she was open she just waited for wind to fly her on

So she waited in the sun but the wind never blow. So she waited for a while longer in the sun’s strength the light allowed her radiance too

So she waited but no longer in the shadows. And sure enough the winds came and she flow along

With the wind she was opened to a thousand seeds of light. So now she dances wild untamed so free and new

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The Conscious Gardener

Today has been a time to reflect, rewind and recharge, a Happy Sunday.
The conscious gardener has been a message arising to look closely at what is growing. To discern the things coming together and building the future. It has been a time to reflect on what is growing, what is needed, what was planted and what has out grown. To tend to the weeds not required and focus, align and streamline the things I wish to grow and nurture. How does your garden grow?
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