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Medicinalmeadows….Home, Heritage and Healing

Medicinalmeadows?… people often ask about the name..

The term medicinal means “all that becomes healed”. For me that is a step towards the state of equilibrium, towards the centre and a place we identify as home. It is a “sense” of place, rather than a physical place. Our divine sense of self becomes the inner and outer aspects of Home.

Meadows is a conscious picture of peacefulness. The place I was brought into this life was a lush meadowland. It was also called Meadowlands for real! So you see the picturesque form of a peaceful place is my integration of a meadowland within.

So the sacred space I create here in this present moment, as a service, is Medicinalmeadows. It is a place to create healing of the inner self, of a home within and to consciously create your own Presence. This creation acts as your inner compass and foundation. In short Medicinalmeadows is the creation of your own peaceful presence….

Image: Janice Turner Salmon, Medicinalmeadows, Cumbria

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Morning Practice

My morning practice has served me well for a number of years. A little rosary, it takes it’s own unique form (check out The Way of the Rose book for a full energy download). I love crystals, meditation some oracles cards and I am good to go. Sets me up for the day ahead!

In a discussion group yesterday we touched on how we have been on a long pilgrimage of self healing modalities. It was a surprise to talk about these practices which I identify with as a 10 year process of rock bottom to coming out of the mud. But talking through the journey of life’s adventures of practices we realized we have been searching and uncovering these rituals all our days. From early Sunday schools, childhood group initiations with bobbled hats, to yoga, meditation, light codes, ley lines, yew trees….

As I look at the list it is like a walk back in time through our ancestors. A stepping further and further back through our DNA, the cellular memory codes to our ancient inner self. After all aren’t we just the inherited codes of our native origins.

If I continue to follow my memories, the symbolic breadcrumbs, what rituals am I uncovering? They say we lost our heritage as it was an oral tradition and our deep rooted path of our ancestors can never be truly known. But what if we do know, from a memory embedded within us? What if all we need to do is look inward to remember…

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As the season changes so can you. As your body restarts a new cycle every month this is a great time to give yourself permission to transform. Change when viewed as growth is a positive act of self care and drives us ahead to dream and to reestablish our goals. As the season changes and we enter autumn we can take lessons from the natural world. As the trees shed their leaves we can view this time as our time to release some outdated practices and lighten our load. To take up a new perspective and channel our inner goddess to some well deserved self care routines for the month ahead.

My head chatter has always got the better of me. So this month I am going to make a conscious effort to push in some gratitude thoughts over the self doubt. My aim is to write down my successes and achievements because when we look, really look, we can achieve new goals every day just by welcoming in a new thought with a positive perspective. Even if that thought is to ask a friend for help or advice, or write a self love note. “You did good today you had that coffee and took 10 minutes to yourself!”

What can you allow to fall away that no longer served you?

What transformation will you make that gives you greater joy?

What new cycle can you set in motion?

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Red Tent Journaling

Do you journal your bleed time? This is when those nuggets of wisdom appear on the pages. I find it is a time of cleansing and resting as I nest myself. Yes, nesting is necessary, an hour or three is good, doesn’t need to be days, although could you imagine?

Our bleed is a call to the inner cave, to our intuition. It may be a whispering or a shout to come inward. Listening within can be priceless as here is where the treasure lies. As we delve inwards we can start with two questions. What can be cleansed and cleared away from this last cycle? And what can be taken away and seeded for the future?

Reflecting on the last cycle can bring awareness of where we have been overwhelmed and worn by life’s pressures. Evaluating the last month can be a silent retreat into any tension experienced that can be cleanse away after some analysis. (This isn’t all work by the way! This is also nap time and favourite pjs!).

What we can take from our last cycle are the seeds, the accomplishments, that celebrate ourselves. By nurturing these seeds and clearing what has past brings in the energy of the new cycle. We start over, cleansed, nourished and insightful. (after a ceremonial nap).

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Storm Generator

This storm was like no other and yes, I keep repeating this, it even rang my doorbell! The electrics tripped out and when they came back on everything rang, alarmed, the lot. The lightning flashes were held in the sky for hours, a display of cosmic electrical dances. This lasted for hours just hanging above our town with occasional bursts of thunder that rattled the windowpanes.

That’s not the story here. The story is that on this night I was drawn to set a crystal grid! Yes in all this fury I sensed something coming to me, a transmission, I wanted to set up a crystal grid.

As I worked intuitively the grid took form under this energetic sky and what was created was a generator. So here is what I know about the generator crystals. They are used in the crystal healing community for precision, for specific treatments, often called projectors. They basically amplify frequency to a specific area or intention. So the grid I created with the chakra crystals seemed to be an auric grid having the seven chakra system crystals. But here my intuition was feeding me a new way to look at the chakras and how they amplify. Basically I was being shown that the linear head to root system can now be viewed as a sphere like integration. The chakra points within the light body communicate in a cycle.

When viewed as a cycle or sphere the chakras interrelate with the usual root to sacral, sacral to solar plexus etc, but also in a crosslink such as third eye to solar plexus, root to heart, sacral to throat. So for example, thoughts to feelings, foundations to love and speech to emotions. If you can imagine this cycling system in a sphere and consider the crown at centre as more of a gateway to our body, our being. The crown runs through all our system and the chakras can even transmit and move. If you image the chakras as a colour, as fluid, expanding and contracting. The generator crystal grid is then a system that creates balance and harmony. It becomes a way to stabilise and project equalibrium in extreme moments. When considered in this way doesn’t the system of our being interconnect deeply, don’t we become less of a linear body of spirit and more of an emotional energetic expression. Don’t our words become choked with emotions, doesn’t the mind run about with our feelings…..all I ask is next time you consider an imbalance to your chakra point look at the interconnected system, look at the crosslink. Don’t we just move as a whole being, with cycling systems and emotions?

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I am the Love that never dies
I am She who calls to you from whispers, sound, vibrations of the Heart.
I come in Dark and Light
In Strength and Fear
Do not fade at what comes before you
Do not bluster or storm
You are always in my Love
I am carrying your torch of Light
To guide a way for you to be open
Be present
Be in Teaching
Of the moment
Nothing evades you
Nothing withheld from you
As all love can be received
All thanks to Love
In openness
Of Divine Love
Be open
Be gracious
Of the Love that never dies

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Womb Awakening New Moon

I am She of Magnetic Sound
Of word, made into Life
I am Wisdom of Ages
I am She of Vibration
To thought
To word
To breath
To form
I am Your Sound
That which you make and form
Choose your words with Love
Choose your actions with Charity
Choose your Heart space consciously
And choose life in the Now without transgressions
Pulled from the graves of past thinking
Those burdens you pull again and again
As You do not need the echo of bones
You are faithfully Anew
So sing of the New
And transform
As the New Energies
Awakening into form
Are Transformation of All you have Become
All you have learnt
All you have created from Your Wisdom of Ages
Birth a New Today
As today is a New Moon
A Point where Stars Align
A Path forging
Abridge your Energy
To New Form
And see yourself as Wholeness
New Light Awakening
Merge into Oneness
In Wholeness


Words from She

Written by Janice Turner Salmon

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Ever-unfolding rose

Ever feel you got lost along the way? It’s not until you walk along a while you realise “this doesn’t feel right”. It isn’t the place, it is the gut feeling that this isn’t the path for me. For sometime I followed a path that seemed to look the same but when I paused and observed I decided to walk back, look from the crossroads again and there it is, Medicinalmeadows has always felt like home. So I am back to post words, pictures, love. The ever unfolding rose always comes out to teach me to trust my own instinct, my own inner compass and the unfolding will lead the way. No matter where we are the open heart leads us through

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