Coloured Memories

coloured hills

I am more than
Just skin and bones
I am sense, feeling
No pile of stones

I see colour
Not black and white
I look skywards
To see the light

I can feel warmth
Of touch, connect
I remember
I recollect

My memory
Holds pictures too
Of scenes, of plays
A field of view


Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

For this Challenge I was trying to think of gems I see that I class a treasure. The jewels I find in daily life.


There is something magical about the Ocean. It is the sound of the waves coming ashore, the percussion of the tide drawing back to rehearse for the crashing of the waves. There is the smell of the salty air that crisps the senses and clears thoughts like a dose of therapy for the mind.


The views are also worth their weight in gold. From orange sunset skies to days of pink and violet hues of clouds that look like a well draped necklace on the earths horizon for all that look up to admire the display.


My treasure therefore is the Sea. Its healing music, its gallery of skies and the peace and fortitude of calm.