Coloured Memories


coloured hills

I am more than
Just skin and bones
I am sense, feeling
No pile of stones

I see colour
Not black and white
I look skywards
To see the light

I can feel warmth
Of touch, connect
I remember
I recollect

My memory
Holds pictures too
Of scenes, of plays
A field of view

4 thoughts on “Coloured Memories

  1. Reblogged this on Hello! and commented:
    There are times when I do believe that I am a human, therefore I am essentially just skin, bones, organs and all. However I know what I truly think is that these are only a part of me, and without intangible things like feelings, emotions and memories, I am not complete.

  2. Janice, this is one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read…your words bring to life a message that resonates within. You are something special, and you do write very well! I enjoy what you share and the way you share it so soothingly! The colors and your words dance within causing a smile…thanks for the blessing my friend! I have been somewhat falling behind on viewings as I have been under the weather. But this one gave me a wonderful boost!

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