Mary Magdalene’s Gospel the 6th Power

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The 6th Power of Wrath is called foolish vision of the flesh or in Leloup’s translation intoxicated wisdom. This speaks to me in how we view ourselves as impermanent, and a distortion of the human aspect of the whole Self, and Eternity. A view of life that is cut off from the Creator, from Source. Here in the Gospel I feel it is referring to how the mind can distort or lead us away from our inner realm, instead the mind, the climate is a place trapped in thoughts. A climate of spiraling past events or focus on worries of the future.

Psychologist Carl Jung became a gnostic enthusiast he even came into having some of the scripts from the Nag Hammadi findings, and one of the scripts is now named the Jung Codex. It is mentioned that Jung had his own visionary experiences and could have influenced the work.

This centre brings me to the balancing of the left and right hemispheres, our analytical mind with knowledge and rationality as well as the imaginal realms speaking with clarity of truth and inner self wisdom. The awareness of these two elements of the mind as fully activated balance, I think the Gospel is talking about discernment of the inner vision as truth. She is presenting the intelligent knowledge and wise higher perceptiveness of inner knowing.

If we consider a balancing of the 6th climate and the brow chakra, this brings me to think of complementary challenges like the turning of the wheel. When I think of my negative aspects of self and then turn the wheel of this climate, I can see a higher perspective. Such as I am too shy and this makes me appear weak, if I complement this with the softness and gentleness of my nature, my shyness and appearance seems to dissolve into the gentle nature of my true self. I no longer believe so much in the negative but can consider a viewpoint of my shy, gentle, quiet characters within my world from Source and I accept myself integrating these characteristics for the soft, listening, calm centredness of my nature that I present to the world. My world view of self then comes from my inner self and not from the outside view of comparisons.

If we consider the location of the 6th climate and the chakras we are looking at the brow chakra, the Ajna, in Sanskrit. This is the centre of perception and of knowing, and again leads us to centre of discernment.

This takes us to balance right left hemispheres of the brain, masculine feminine and a foot hold into the next realm of unity, the bridal chamber, the two becoming one, the Nous, the realm of this world and the next, the realm of interconnectedness that She can now meet her beloved Teacher from realm to realm.

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