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I am grateful for the energy of garnet crystal for sustaining my resolve, helping me place my feet firmly and patiently over the busy week. For rooting my resolve, so my days of activity have smoothly transitioned step by step, without being flustered, without resentment, without feeling rushed. I am grateful for the lessons of practising flow, clarity and feeling I have enough energy in reserves to take me steadily through the tasks ahead.

Garnet Crystal

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Sunday Night Candle Light

Tonight is Sunday Night Candle Light 🕯as the sun goes down this is an invitation to light a candle, say a prayer or say no prayer, contemplate or settle into stillness. Words are not necessary for Sunday night candle light. For 2 minutes or 2 hours you decide, light a candle, if you don’t have a candle a lamp will do. Let the Light hold an intention, a dedication, or allow it to shine for you.

Image:Google images

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Crystal Connections

Have you ever wondered if we pick crystals we are drawn to from memories? I mean past life times or cellular memories of time, location or country?

I am a firm believer that some crystals we are pulled towards or even away from are because of location. I am very much connected to sea locations and water elements so when Philip Permutt ( introduced me to Scheelite on a course I was in love straight away. I had an instant connection to the feel of the crystal, I felt right at home, you know how that can be, when you just feel attuned with the stone in the palm of your hand. I bought three. I instantly felt the location, like I was standing on the shores with the blue sea in front of me, I felt at peace and at home right there in that moment. I could envisage the location, feel the sea breeze on my face, it was refreshing, mindful, and familiar.
So how does this work says the Ego? Well it could be the minerals on the palm of our hands connect, or the Soul knows and excites emotions, feelings of safety, belonging and familiarity. And don’t get me wrong it may not be all refreshing and calm, I think this can also work the other way. I struggle with agate from some locations, amethyst from some continents and not from others, and you think an amethyst is just an amethyst is just the same amethyst, think again! If a cellular code or memory is in that rock, we are bound to feel the difference, the word “Bound” can have many connotations right?
So for me, crystals located near to the sea, I love them. Here I have Turkish Blue Scheelite calcite, aquatine calcite, and a Lemurian quartz. So what do you love? And just have a little meditation into what the location is of that “go to” crystal you Love!

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Our Lady

Many of my Mother Mary statues are the well-known image of Our Lady with hands downwards and gentle expression. How we have grown to know and love the image of the soft Mother aspect of Mary. In recent times we are uncovering the aspects of the lost gospels and the covered up iconography of a strong resilient Mary. Today in this world of challenging changes we find ourselves confused and looking for a consoling figure and at the same time a determined comforter that is in all honesty the kind of Mother we need right now.

In this time of homestead living I find the time to read more of Mary and the renewed relationships with books such as The Way of The Rose (Clark and Finn 2019. A delectable book for the modern Marian devotee and a new vision of Her role in Our World at present. I invite you to read this one!

So back to the image of my statues, I have more Mary’s than I thought! The curiosity now has me gripped as to the image we see in our minds eye of the Mother. The women of the cross and their roles and characters are certainly women of courage and strength and did we ever need a strong feminine to lead us by the hand, but now.

My curiosity is sparked by the iconography unearthed in the book Mary and the Early Christian Women (Kateusz 2019). In this book the early images of Mary are not the taught stature I have grown up with, that we all have been conditioned to recognise. In the early images Mary stands arms raised to the heavens (Image: Mary, Rome, Perret Catacombes). In the gospel of Bartholomew Mary says “Let us stand up in Prayer’ and the Apostles stood behind her” (p.26). This is strikingly different to the depictions we have seen time after time, circulating our imagination of the spiritual feminine over the ages. Here, hands raised, leading prayer is the Mother Mary. So when did our Mary statues change demeanour? When did our acceptance take us from the early iconography of the upstanding woman leading prayer with hands raised above her head to the hands below her waist? I am not at all critical as the imagery here is both significant. For me the strong woman of spirituality is Mary, hands raised or not, hands to the great earth beneath us or above to the heavens, both are significant and meaningful. I just wished to point out the early imagery and the change over time of Our Lady of both land and sky, sea and air, location and omnipresent.


Rabbula Gospels illumination of Mary. © Alinari Archives, Florence










Other Posts of Mary and Iconography include:


Clark and Finn (2019) The Way of the Rose: The radical path of the Divine Feminine hidden in the Rosary, Penguin Random House Publishing

Kateusz A (2019) Mary and Early Christian Women: Hidden Leadership, Palgrave MacMillan Press


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Sunday Night Candle Light

Tonight is Sunday Night Candle Light 🕯as the sun goes down this is an invitation to light a candle, say a prayer or say no prayer, contemplate or settle into stillness. Words are not necessary for Sunday night candle light. For 2 minutes or 2 hours you decide, light a candle, if you don’t have a candle a lamp will do. Let the Light hold an intention, a dedication, or allow it to shine for you.

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Zoom into Prayer

The act of prayer has been my daily practice in these challenging times. I have been a dedicated meditator for some years and quite focused but I had left the responsive, communicative talking to one side. The act of prayer for me is this interactive aspect to listening. As the authors of The Way of the Rose say, we do have the ability without challenge to ask for our heart’s desire. As we set an intention for ourselves don’t we send a ripple of this Self Love out to all, doesn’t the whole community around us benefit if we are harmonious rather than suffering?
In these challenging times the mind does wonder, intrusive thoughts, overwhelming moments and my daily meditations became difficult and not being a prayer activist or knowing many prayers, the only practice I new, vaguely, was the rosary. I had a small pillbox with some small rosary beads I picked up at St Peter’s Square in Rome in the 1990s.
I set myself a script of words for guidance and roughly walked my way through the beads. My research and curiosity unfolded into more radical rosary and now I am following and contributing to prayer circles. The rosary has carried me on a journey to chanting Hare Krishna, the Ho’ponopono, Sufi prayers opening me to prayers of the world, ancient words and new combinations, in isolation and as part of a collective.
My experiences of prayer has sky rocketed me to blissful states in chant and deep inner sanctuaries of self forgiveness, to gardens of the divine feminine and gracious mother earth. For me, prayer is omnipresent, there is no temple place required, for the temple is within. This isn’t a path of doctrine or dogma it is a path to the Heart and links to all that is around me in life and in all consciousness, the world beyond a world. It links me to people and places the world over, in Africa, America and across the UK, to a group of 700 gathering at one time, on a Sunday from all continents checking in to say “Here and Present”.
I wouldn’t and couldn’t have imagined from opening my little pillbox of rosary beads, teaching myself from a book, to be on a path of prayer with simple words, repetition and a circle of beads, to a world group of prayers with people sharing their favourite prayers, stories and passing on the words they chant. This feels like a New Age of Mysticism Zooming into hearts and minds with a new connectivity and a new Way to Pray.

Clark Strand and Pereira Finn (2019) The Way of the Rose, Penguin Random House Publishing

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Birthed With Love

I Am She of Sound

Of Resonance in your Heart

I am the longing to return to Love

I am the holding open of the Door

I am the All that abides in You

I am The Good

The Light

The Love

Cascade the torments of your fears

Out into the Light

Remember that to Trust

In Faith

In Hope

Is Love

Love came with you into Being

It has always been You

It overrides the battles within

For Love is Love

It is within your thoughts, words,


Your Night, your Day.


Reach for Love

And be that open vessel for Love

I Am She of Sound

I Am the Sound of Your Love

I am the Sound of your Heart

I am all that is You,


Channelling and Photograph by Janice Turner Salmon

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Dark Heart

Processed with Rookie


I am She of Love

In Dark of the Heart

I see you holding firm in the density

So Break, allow yourself to surrender

I am waiting above your Heart

When you open I will descend with You

Let your river run free

Into the deep crevice of your Being

I will meet you in the dark cave

Come, fall into my arms

I am waiting, Lovingly waiting for You

For I am the Love that Never dies


Chanelling of She by Janice Turner Salmon


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Reiki Golden Light Meditation

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Reiki Centring Meditation

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This is a gift of meditation infused with Distance Reiki. A half hour practice to bring your body and mind back to centre, back to Self.