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Future Anxiety

A path, a continual
Fear, willing to hope
A daily ritual
Of being able to cope

Future visions to wait
New plans to withhold
The old, the same state
The constant same old

The picture, a dream
To feel self esteem
Not wanting to scream

No bird flying high
High flying to the sky
……..Just scraping on by

Your prompt: future
Today’s form: sonnet
Today’s device: chiasmus



A squirrel
Leaps abound
Shaken leaves downed
Pine needles found
Trodden into the ground

And wood
Mache into mud
Soft under foot
Where tractor wheels cut

Of debris
Skyward and see
Birds fly free
Rhythm of land, of tree

Writing 201
Your prompt: landscape
Today’s form: found poetry
Today’s device: enumeratio, it basically means constructing a list, a successive enumeration (duh!) of multiple elements in the same series.


Ode to a Medal

A Nurse’s Medal Kept within a Drawer…….

Kept safe, an object
Memories connect
Thoughts link and affect

Held within the mind
And in this confined
Emblem t’was assigned

You’re there to remind
If needed to find
A presence of mind

A symbol sacred
Achievement stated

Your prompt: drawer
Today’s form: ode
Today’s device: apostrophe

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A Message

A touch, a hand with loving care.
Clutching fingers embrace and calm the despair.
Enveloping a message in a time of need,
Hold on take heed.
Fingers latch, a firm call.
Making a promise, catching if you fall.

Your prompt: fingers
Today’s form: prose poetry
Today’s device: assonance
We’ve tackled alliteration last week — the strategic repetition of consonants in close proximity to each other. Today, let’s give assonance a try. It’s the same thing, only with vowels.



Your hero will come along
Your saviour bold and strong
Your answers all belong
Within your own theme song

Your reflection will appear
Your thoughts become clear
Your worries will disappear
You are your hero, my dear

Day Six: Hero(ine), Ballad, Epistrophe

Your prompt: hero(ine)
Today’s form: ballad
Today’s device: anaphora and epistrophe
Anaphora simply means the repetition of the same word (or cluster of words) at the beginning of multiple lines of verse in the same poem. Epistrophe is its counterpart: the repeated words appear at the end of lines.

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Believe the ocean a trusted motion
Every wave a guide brings in the tide
Luster of sea and sky, sun streams by
Incantation of sound being spellbound
Evening displays of suns rays
Vast air aflame to proclaim
Enduring desire never to tire

Today’s Writing 201 challenge
Your prompt: trust
Today’s form: acrostic
Today’s device: internal rhyme