The Forest

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jungleLoneliness is an interesting feeling. Out here I never felt so alone. I followed the river and the water mesmerised my vision as if it was being siphoned into a spiralling hole underneath my gaze. My feet sunk into the dark wet mud. The cold covered the skin like small cuts of a knife into the flesh and the colour of my skin was no more than of bone. The iced feeling chilled every part of me. Legs to torso, to jaw to scalp, all vividly rattling along as if on an old escalator, but going nowhere.

The rain bulleted from the darkest of skies. It filtered through branches, leaves exponentially poured like from a reservoir onto my shoulder then stopped, wittingly collecting again awaiting to restart. My hair was heavy, eyes cloudy, as my forehead drained upon my face and my chin streamed a river of water onto my chest. I posed with knees together, fists together but no warmth exulted from this angle of arms into breast. Here in the wet, the mud, the moment, I was frozen.

My clothes tightly wrapped around legs and arms as the cold cloth stained into my body unmoveable. The fall sustained further back had splattered earth to my hands and face that bit into flesh. The shoes lay somewhere cemented into the ground on the path, so bare feet chilled into bone, to marrow to freeze blood.

I couldn’t hear birds call, or traffic nearby nor human – animal movements due to hissing of the rain. Foolish to venture these muddy paths of riveted blackness, stoops and drains of ground like treacle. No saviour will come this way, I and only I can make my way out of this dissented climate. I have been here too long. A lift of foot, a step, a bleeding pained first step is required just one, just rise and step away.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Black and White












I faced the rain
And met the pain
I braved the night
Intent to fright

I stayed through gales
Whispered false tales
Weathered the storm
Battered, withdrawn

Wilted in light
Burnt, cut to blight
I stood firm ground
Resilience found

(For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Black & White)

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A place of texture
The river’s fallen rain
The moss cover stones
Torrents, in the fast lane

The trees tempered bark
The leaves fallen to ground
The every morning dew
The grass grown all around

The rocks on the banks
That glisten smooth in sun
That shines in the waters
Until the moon beam comes


(For the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture)