White Light


Our Holy Ones of the
White Light. I bathe in your surrounding Light
For my inner health and healing.
I acknowledge your Divine Presence
In this time of Now
And the time to come.
Gather with me and
I am truly blessed for your
Loving Presence
In Grace and Love
I thank thee All

2 thoughts on “White Light

  1. His spirit knows and love you so well! He sees the many jewels you share with others that inspire new fruitful steps in another’s life! He knows others are strangers to you yet you lovingly embrace the spirit they possess! You recognize their spirits smile and you can feel the oneness you can share! God has placed within you spiritual eyes with which to see. You are a blessing my sister! Hugs and blessings always! I have missed you, yet you are never forgotten!

    • Thank you for your kind words and beautiful insights. I have been absent from WP for a while but I am making my way back. Thank you so much for your communication. Your words have great encouragement. It is so nice to hear from you. Many blessings to you too.

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