Storm Generator

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This storm was like no other and yes, I keep repeating this, it even rang my doorbell! The electrics tripped out and when they came back on everything rang, alarmed, the lot. The lightning flashes were held in the sky for hours, a display of cosmic electrical dances. This lasted for hours just hanging above our town with occasional bursts of thunder that rattled the windowpanes.

That’s not the story here. The story is that on this night I was drawn to set a crystal grid! Yes in all this fury I sensed something coming to me, a transmission, I wanted to set up a crystal grid.

As I worked intuitively the grid took form under this energetic sky and what was created was a generator. So here is what I know about the generator crystals. They are used in the crystal healing community for precision, for specific treatments, often called projectors. They basically amplify frequency to a specific area or intention. So the grid I created with the chakra crystals seemed to be an auric grid having the seven chakra system crystals. But here my intuition was feeding me a new way to look at the chakras and how they amplify. Basically I was being shown that the linear head to root system can now be viewed as a sphere like integration. The chakra points within the light body communicate in a cycle.

When viewed as a cycle or sphere the chakras interrelate with the usual root to sacral, sacral to solar plexus etc, but also in a crosslink such as third eye to solar plexus, root to heart, sacral to throat. So for example, thoughts to feelings, foundations to love and speech to emotions. If you can imagine this cycling system in a sphere and consider the crown at centre as more of a gateway to our body, our being. The crown runs through all our system and the chakras can even transmit and move. If you image the chakras as a colour, as fluid, expanding and contracting. The generator crystal grid is then a system that creates balance and harmony. It becomes a way to stabilise and project equalibrium in extreme moments. When considered in this way doesn’t the system of our being interconnect deeply, don’t we become less of a linear body of spirit and more of an emotional energetic expression. Don’t our words become choked with emotions, doesn’t the mind run about with our feelings…..all I ask is next time you consider an imbalance to your chakra point look at the interconnected system, look at the crosslink. Don’t we just move as a whole being, with cycling systems and emotions?

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