Waning Cycles

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It’s been a funny kinda week. Busy right to the end. And the night time has been too short. In my 49 year I am not so sleep deprived as I was in my early 40s or as hot. Now when I awake at 3am I get up walk to the window and look for the moon. We have had some rampant energies of late with the Lions gate, solar flares and full moon. I have been floored quite flankly at the beginning of August and now as I see the moon in her crescent form I am calm again. I love the waning aspect of the moon, this is my favourite flavour of her cycle. Is it the invitation to retreat into nurturing selfhood? Or is it the charismatic allure from all the folktales and art in this form?
Whatever the reason I am thinking that as I wane in my 49 year with my own rhythmical cycling, maybe I should still honour my moon time in my crone years and follow this moon rhythm of the earth. As my body is an earth body,  what better way than to follow Her.
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Image:Google Artemis

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