Anxiety Step 1, Chrysanthemum


Sending you the joy of #chrysanthemum, the flower of happiness, and wellbeing. I bought these beauties as a #selfcare treat and realised that my need for joy is the symbolism of these flowers.
This week I have been on the anxiety train. I have recognised the toolbox of well rehearsed practices are just that, practices.
If I don’t keep up the repetition,  the effects are train platform 1 to begin, again! So here I am, step 1!
Eating better starts here
Walking, EMT left right eye movement starts here…
Selfcare starts here
Meditation starts here
It feels, acts, and looks like a program…..the anxiety to wellbeing program????
#guidance #intuitive #spiritualcoaching #flowertherapy #internalgardener #anxietyawareness #anxiety #wellbeingwarrior #doula

2 thoughts on “Anxiety Step 1, Chrysanthemum

  1. Brilliant to create your own wellbeing plan! Recently I’ve been doing the same. It’s like preparing for the demands of the coming Winter and letting go of what I need to so as to roll with the changing season.
    Also launching a new Creativity for Wellbeing programme at the Old Chapel Cafe in Saltney Ferry every Friday 12-2pm. If this is of interest, there’s more info on The Old Chapel Cafe page on Facebook.

    • Dear Lisa, If I was nearer I would definitely be joining you. Creatively walking into wellness is I feel the only way. Like you say, Winter is approaching and new ways need to be adapted for the change in seasons. I feel that so much. I will keep in touch and thank you for connecting.

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