Red Tent Doula

Come join me as I start my quest through the realms of womanhood. I have journeyed deep towards the old ways of the Doula, the Well Keeper. My work embodies menstruation, womb rites and connection. My offerings include the nature of menstrual cyclicity, womb relationship and the path into perimenopause and wise woman. We will follow the paths of Maiden, Mother and Maga. I will listen to the stories, of families and influential women the storteller deep within you. We will venture into blood, lineage, sacred womb and the changing woman pilgrimage. We will call in our wise and well ancestors, the goddesses, the saintly women and ask for guidance as the paths will surely twist and turn. We pray, we listen to the body, the outer body and the energetic field. We listen to the plant helper, herbs and healing hands and ways of the loving heart.

I invite you to join me in this quest of discovery with journaling, learning the old ways and the new. To awaken the loving hearts and minds, the ancestral cells and be open to the magic of the dark phases to seed the light towards the sun.

To follow my journaling please follow the Menstrual Matters posts