Straight Lines



Reach on up to the sky
Peace stream from on high
From heaven to mind’s eye

Breathe deep the salty air
Soothing inner despair
Leaving no woes or care

Wind force my thoughts domain
From every holding claim
Clear my mind, hold this frame


(Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Straight Lines)

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Between a rock and a hard place
The saying goes
But not everyone knows

The light does not always hold
A comforting sight
Doubts don’t appear just at night

The path wide open is not
Always a joy
Like a fabled decoy

Colours of heart, seem so confused
Image of middle ground
Riddled and deeply profound

For the Broken Light Collective online gallery challenge of Between


Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

There is something very medicinal about still waters. I love the reflective powers that nature initiates. Such images give the chance to  ruminate and the chance to breathe freely. This is my imitation of “A Room With  A View”. Room to grow, heal and be thoughtful.

Coniston Water


To go forward
Without looking back
Is to stay on
The same old track


One line, one motion
One solemn direction
No change, no vision
No salient correction


To only look forward
Is a solo play
The time that has past
Has not blown away


Florals in Purple


Every day the light
Of the world shines on you

Each morning the flowers
Unfold their petals even in dew

The birds turn out
To choral as the long day ensues

The light of evening sky
Turns to pink and orange hues

The earth keeps on turning
For opportunities to pursue


(Entry for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Floral Macros)


Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story



Landmarks often depict an era, a period of time and historic relevance. Here is a photograph of a historic island and castle that dates back to the 12th century. It has been documented that this island, in the background, has been inhabited by Celts, Romans, Monks from Normandy during the rein of King Stephen and a port to German fleets of Lambert Simnel in the 15th century.

Today the island can be seen juxtaposed by the modern lifeboat station and small pier with the island in the near distance, calmly waiting for the next adventure to begin.