Flowers in Pink


Vision in a bud
A life, new state
A colour to create

Unfold to share
Unwrap a new
Pastels and hue

Expose, explode
A portrait in frame
Uniqueness proclaim

Stay rooted
Feel at peace
Spring, a release

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Flowers



The Beautiful Blogger Award










A big thank you to the beautiful litadoolan for the nomination of the Beautiful Blogger Award. Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement in this world of blogging.

My nominations are;

Martin Lever for the very best of photography and expressions of life in images.

Wendell Brown for poetry and expression.

Mikial Millard for both deep worded poetry and art works.

Cambodian Beginnings for stories and images far from my home.

A Passionate Wanderer for moving poetic words.

e-Tinkerbell for her educational and inspirational blog.

Peace, Love and Patchouli for lovely mesmerising words.

Exploratorius for great photographs , fabulous macro images.

Time and energy is a precious commodity and I fully appreciate that not all blogger are able to participate in forwarding the nominations on. So please take my mention of your blog as a wholehearted appreciative gesture of your creativity.

Happy Blogging,



( Bloggers may or may not wish to accept; to participate in the award please nominate around 7 blogs)








Weekly Writing Challenge: Flash Fiction

Weekly Writing Challenge: Flash Fiction

Path to a Dream

The paths lead to high rockery beds
Under azalea trees of pink pompom heads

The higher the paths the clearer the views
Of rolling mountains and snow tops too

Walk downward through daffodils, snowdrops on display
The lower paths yield to colours that pave the way

In a carpet of yellow, a half-moon seat
Under trees and patterns a glorious treat

The steps direct to mountains and skylines of blue
The windy path, to a fountain of quiet will do

With a field and a gate that entices the feet
To a hidden tarn in the summer heat

With tall grasses, a stillness, reflections, so calm,
And swans watch as the sun beams down to charm

An abandoned shack once had a boat
That glided the water and slowly did float

Where you and I could have slept the night
The full moon would have glistened and beamed so bright