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My town and its surrounding areas have been plagued by floods this winter. Movement from town to town is restricted as rainfall causes problems to roads, cars, and rail travel. It seems to be raining for a season. My recollection of previous winters has been cold mornings with frost covered lawns and a wind that slaps your face with a chilling sting. If wet, lingering rain and floods are to be our depths of winter then we are certainly not prepared. The ground is not prepared as no drainage is available and waterways are not viable. The foliage is not resting as trees and flora remain green. I wonder what fauna make of all this weather? What effect is this environmental change having on the animal life?

robinIn our current ways of living we know the effects of stress, lack of sleep and tiredness. Will the earth rest less, will wildlife struggle to maintain their habitats? And will spring come with a leap, or will lethargy remain in all things. I dearly hope that with the return of the early sunrise and brighter skies the earth will regain its step, light will rekindle all souls and rhythm will balance once more.

As we toast to the New Year may we collectively think of all Autumnleaves
those effected by weather change and displacement. So as the clocks chime to the start 2016 may we all think of those working, volunteering and coping. May all our hearts send goodwill to all people and to our home this planet we share, call earth.

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9 thoughts on “Here and Now

  1. Here’s praying for things to get better soon, It’s getting bad out there :-\

  2. Janice, may your New Year be abundantly blessed, with love, kindness, joy, happiness and inner peace. You are wonderful my sister, and you have a selfless caring heart! May God bless you and your family always! Where do you live, my wife’s family live in the Missouri/Illinois area along the Mississippi river area. Arnold, St Louis, and St Charles! I pray the water will recede for you where you live at.

    • Thank you for your kind words and blessings. I wish you the same, a wonderful abundant peaceful time ahead. And thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I am in the UK. We have weathered some storms this winter, looking forward to brighter days ahead. Thank you.

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  4. Reblogged this on From guestwriters and commented:
    For years scientists warned politicians, but they would not listen and the citizens only thought of what was good for them at that moment, not interested to learn about the impact of their ecological and carbon footprint. No matter what happens nature shall show mankind that it is always stronger than the human being, which has to learn by falling and standing up again.

    • Thank you Marcus for the comment. It is now highlighted in the media that global warming is not the single factor. If we change our traditional land practices our cities are being flooded down stream to the cost of individuals. It is so sad seeing people displaced and homes wrecked. I hope this is resolved and not repeated in the future.

      • A big problem people are also forgetting is that we have too much concrete and too many hardened roads, plus too many stones covering the earth in the gardens, by which the water can not enter into the soil and everything has to go over the roads and in the sewage drains.

      • Our green spaces, gardens and lawns once pretty areas to houses in a street do seem to change in design in favour of larger driveways. Another problem is building higher and higher on hillsides and using existing drainage which then becomes too full. Over design over use and over board.

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