Morning Practice

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My morning practice has served me well for a number of years. A little rosary, it takes it’s own unique form (check out The Way of the Rose book for a full energy download). I love crystals, meditation some oracles cards and I am good to go. Sets me up for the day ahead!

In a discussion group yesterday we touched on how we have been on a long pilgrimage of self healing modalities. It was a surprise to talk about these practices which I identify with as a 10 year process of rock bottom to coming out of the mud. But talking through the journey of life’s adventures of practices we realized we have been searching and uncovering these rituals all our days. From early Sunday schools, childhood group initiations with bobbled hats, to yoga, meditation, light codes, ley lines, yew trees….

As I look at the list it is like a walk back in time through our ancestors. A stepping further and further back through our DNA, the cellular memory codes to our ancient inner self. After all aren’t we just the inherited codes of our native origins.

If I continue to follow my memories, the symbolic breadcrumbs, what rituals am I uncovering? They say we lost our heritage as it was an oral tradition and our deep rooted path of our ancestors can never be truly known. But what if we do know, from a memory embedded within us? What if all we need to do is look inward to remember…

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