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As the season changes so can you. As your body restarts a new cycle every month this is a great time to give yourself permission to transform. Change when viewed as growth is a positive act of self care and drives us ahead to dream and to reestablish our goals. As the season changes and we enter autumn we can take lessons from the natural world. As the trees shed their leaves we can view this time as our time to release some outdated practices and lighten our load. To take up a new perspective and channel our inner goddess to some well deserved self care routines for the month ahead.

My head chatter has always got the better of me. So this month I am going to make a conscious effort to push in some gratitude thoughts over the self doubt. My aim is to write down my successes and achievements because when we look, really look, we can achieve new goals every day just by welcoming in a new thought with a positive perspective. Even if that thought is to ask a friend for help or advice, or write a self love note. “You did good today you had that coffee and took 10 minutes to yourself!”

What can you allow to fall away that no longer served you?

What transformation will you make that gives you greater joy?

What new cycle can you set in motion?

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