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Land Healing

A year ago…   I remember going to this place after I had sat in circle chanting Akal Maha Kal ,Akal means undying, Maha means great, and Kal means death. The undying and the great death are actually one; the mantra removes anxiety. It felt like a spiritual procession to go to this place a previous industrial site, with this chant in my mind. A great presence was felt for the steel workers of industry, the losses of loved ones to this land, my ancestors and the land itself. Land healing is just as necessary as healing to our-human-selves.

So a year later and the land was calling again. In circle on Monday last week we were pulled back into the timeline of haematite, iron ore and land healing. I am aware of the the body having it’s own reflective calendar that remembers situations and episodes in life, and with the added help of technology and google images alerts to “a year ago today”, this had all resurfaced in my place of being.

The messages and the threads of history had me on a path of land history. What is it about the land that needs healing? is it the unearthing of materials that is sacred, is consent an issue on the land? What is Haematite and where did the transportation of the Haematite Steel company end up in other parts of the world?

In the 1740s Furness was already transporting iron ore to Wales and the Midlands by boat to smelting works. In 1866 the Haematitie steel works was formed and by 1876 it was the largest iron and steelworks in the world. The Barrow works mass produced for railway lines and exported all over the globe. Furness Haematite is probably deposited all over the earth (Wikipedia)

So what is haematite? it is classed as an oxide in can be black and steel grey in colour to a reddish brown. It has a metallic sheen and it is classed as the important ore in iron, making up abut 70% iron and 30% oxygen. Historically the word comes from haimatites (Greek) meaning blood red and it is the liquid uses for primitive cave paintings dating back to 40,000 years ago. In the renaissance period is was used to mix paints to fix colours. And from the 1700s used for industry for steel manufacturing. Once an art related material turned industrial compound. Haematite is said to be present on Mars, as NASA have discovered the abundance of this mineral on the surface (

Today we are probably most familiar with Haematite as a crystal, a healing stone. It is described as a grounding stone for the base chakra bringing courage, confidence and stability. It is believed to be protective and balancing stone boosting self worth. It is formed from “weathered environments” including wet and dry seasons (http://virtual-museaum). Having research this crystal a little more I am conflicted with its modern day description in the crystal world as a calming and cooling crystal for clarity of mind, when it has prominent links to Mars, the God of War, and the energies of

  • fire
  • gravity
  • desire
  • leadership
  • strength

But maybe we need a little warrior energy and the haematite has a place that runs deeper in my psyche now that I have an understanding of this mineral, this crystal, in my own belonging to land, place and space. This is the crystal of my recent ancestors who worked on this land. They worked at the iron works, in the steel works and in shipbuilding. This mineral brought my ancestors here for work from Scotland, Ireland and the West Midlands. I am a second generation settler in this place and this land is responsible for my upbringing, my parents birth place, their accents, vernacular, traditions and rituals both lost and altered in emigration.

The metaphysical properties we know in the crystal world of haematite are;

  • protection
  • courage
  • bravery
  • self-confidence

I have no doubt that the above descriptions are characteristics of my ancestors who travelled to live in a new town, a new industry and build a new life. This crystal of haematite is certainly bring me to a new and unique understanding of the mineral I have carried in my pocket, used as jewellery and now the relationship to my ancestors.

What crystals are within your own family tree?

What minerals are present underneath your feet?

What land healing do you feel called to do?

Is there alchemy in your land, place and space?